Women and Heart Disease

Do you know what causes heart disease in women? What about the survival rate? Or whether women of all ethnicities share the same risk? The fact is: Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That’s approximately one woman every minute! But it doesn’t affect all women alike, and the warning signs for women aren’t the same in men.

There are several misconceptions about heart disease in women and they could be putting you at risk. The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement advocates for more research and swifter action for women’s heart health for this very reason. We women sure know a lot of numbers by heart, like phone numbers, birthdays, pin numbers, and passwords. But do you know the most critical numbers for your heart health? That knowledge could just save your life.

That’s why Go Red For Women and The Heart Truth are encouraging all women to schedule a visit with their doctor to learn their personal health numbers including Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Body Mass Index (BMI), and assess their risk for heart disease and stroke.

It’s time to learn the most critical numbers in Your life. Your heart depends on it.

Well-known heart attack symptoms can include chest pain and radiating discomfort in the left arm. But there are several other ways your body may tell you when something isn’t quite right, potentially with your heart. There are four silent heart attack symptoms that women should definitely be aware of: Shortness of breath, back pain, jaw pain, and nausea.

• A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best weapons in the fight against heart disease.

• Whether you’re facing crisis or simply managing the challenges of fast-paced living, don’t let stress get out of control.

• Losing weight usually takes effort and keeping it off has its own set of challenges. But your small everyday choices matter!

• Walking is the simplest positive change you can make to improve your heart health.

Trust Your Gut
If you aren’t feeling normal or are experiencing any of the symptoms above, head to your local emergency room. It is better to take care of yourself and prevent damage to your heart, in the event you are having a heart attack. A woman’s intuition is a very strong thing; don’t ever discount it.

Source: American Heart Association Go Red For WomenWomen and Heart Disease

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Tips for 2017 that Will Create a Lean Healthier You!

  • Drink more water.  I recommend 50% of your body weight in ounces.  Start your morning with warm water & lemon.  This will gently break the night of fasting, rehydrate, regenerate & stimulate your digestive system.  You will find the more water you drink, the more energy & better skin you will have!
  • Get moving. You don’ need to be a marathoner to be successful at exercising. Start slowly.  20-30 minutes three times a week is plenty.  Find a healthy balance. How about setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier to get your blood moving before starting the day. A simple morning walk on the treadmill is all you need!
  • Manage Stress.  Stress is just as deadly as a bad diet.  It elevates cortisol, increase hunger & disrupts your gut bacteria.  Stress can undo the perfect diet.  Try to be mindful & aware of your stress levels throughout the day.
  • Detox your beauty products.  The average women slathers on 168 chemicals & sprays before ever leaving the house. A lot of those “mineral” make-ups actually contain bismuth and/or lead. Learn about your cosmetics, sprays & lotions. Your skin is your biggest organ – chemicals get absorbed through it, ending up in your bloodstream.
  • Eat Real food!!  It is just that – single one ingredient foods.  Do you see an ingredient label on an avocado?  The Standard American Diet is not food!  It is high calorie, over processed, overloaded with chemically altered sugars, hormones, fats & GMO’s..making it chemical junk! This leads to metabolic malfunction, obesity & inflammation! Research has show that eating whole foods & healthier fats, stimulates weight loss, reverses diabetes, heart disease & even dementia.
  • Eat Fat.  We have been brainwashed to believe that fats make us fat. Highly processed, sugar filled foods will make you fat.  According to Dr. Hyman, at the Cleveland Clinic Integrative Medicine Center, “dietary fat affects your brain chemistry by turning off the craving & addiction centers making it easy to naturally regulate your appetite. Fat is the key ingredient for proper brain, mood & nerve function. Swap out vegetable, canola & corn oils for coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil & avocado oil.
  • Find the cause of your symptoms.  If you are having gas, bloating, brain fog, acid reflux, acne, psoriasis or any other kind of inflammatory processes – know why!  Taking anti-acids, analgesics, proton pump inhibitors is not getting to the root cause.  If you were sitting on a tack would you take a pain killer or remove the tack?
    It is usually something on your plate that causes inflammation.  I believe, “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates.

    Approximately 92% of people fall short of their New Year’s Resolutions. Will you be one of them this new year or will you choose a sustainable path?

We can help you with your health related goals please contact us at http://www.integrativewh.com/


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Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body

By Dr. James Krystosik

A growing body of research demonstrates that if the function and integrity of the gut (intestines) is restored, the body can heal itself. How is that possible? For starts, 70% of our immune system is in the gut. If substances that irritate the body are removed (toxins, hidden food allergies, stress) and elements missing are replaced (beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals, hormones), the body is able to heal itself. At my health care facility, we don’t guess the values of these vital components…we test. Functional medical tests unveil the cause of digestive illness—the leaky gut. The number one enemy of digestive wellness is leaky gut syndrome (LGS); it is no joking matter. It affects millions of people and is the underlying cause of a long list of illnesses. Asthma, repeated infections (sinus, kidney, bladder, lung), eczema, hives, migraine, irritable bowel, fungal disorders, weight loss, fibromyalgia, depression, inflammatory joint disorders, and an epidemic of autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis) are caused by LGS.

Thousands of research studies clearly demonstrate that there is a world of health care information never shared with you because your doctor doesn’t have time to study this research. For over 25 years, I have been deeply immersed in studying and prescribing lifestyle medicine based on this research. A healthy digestive system means more than freedom from the annoyances of bloating, gas, indigestion and heartburn. A healthy digestive system is connected to the health of every organ and system of your body. After treating over 15,000 patients, I have discovered that if I help patients fix their gut, the body will heal itself.

For an appointment with Dr. Krystosik, call 440.519.1766.
For a FREE 30-page report “Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body,”
go to www.theothersideofmedicine.com

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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Take the Fear and Anxiety out of Dental Visits

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-10-10-10-pmFear of the dentist is one of the top three reasons for dental neglect. No need to worry anymore! Experiencing the therapeutic effectiveness of essential oils will turn your dental visit into a relaxation session that will keep you coming back. Scientific research validates the value of essential oils in decreasing anxiety and stress. A small application to the temples, back of the neck or wrists, and even inhalation in the waiting area provides relaxation before and during the dental visit. Essential oils are known to provide a calming effect during injections too! Adults and children can both benefit.

The benefits extend beyond the psychological to physical well-being. Aromatherapy has antimicrobial and antiviral properties and increases the oxygen level in the air and cleans the air. There is no “dental office smell” here! Enhancing the experience is what dental “care” is all about. The addition of these holistic modalities truly create piece of mind. If taking care of your teeth is a challenge, our integrative practice can help you with the use of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Health Inspired Dentistry 6151 Wilson Mills Road, Suite 300 • Highland Hts. 44143
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What is whole body Cryotherapy and why try it?

By Mark Belter

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-10-13-13-pmWhole body cryotherapy enables the natural healing of your body in a 3 minute process. It is used and studied for the reduction in chronic pain. It reduces inflammation and soreness that clients may experience from those annoying aches and pains to those who are dealing with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, MS, joint pain, and even Migraines.

How does the process work? You enter the Cryochamber for a 3 minute session where your body’s surface temperature will be lowered. During the session, blood vessels will begin forcing blood away from the peripheral tissue and towards a person’s core. In the core, the body’s natural filtration system removes toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood. The blood becomes optimally oxygenated, which accelerates the healing results. The body’s toxins break down and the brain releases endorphins that have a beneficial biochemical healing affect throughout the body. Stop in to Cryo-Freeze Health and Recovery to experience the natural power of the cold and feel great in just 3 minutes. We have special introductory pricing! It is a great experience. Visit our website for more information: www.cryofreezeoh.com.

Cryo-Freeze Health and Recovery 25963 Detroit Road • Westlake 44145
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New Year, New You, New Friends

Provided By Claire Broome

It always helps to share your New Year’s resolution with someone you trust. With a friend, you actually join that gym or start volunteering instead of just hoping you might. But what if this year your goal is to maintain a consistently clean house? If you want to enjoy the peace of mind and pride that come with a well-kept living space, make PetalSweet Cleaning your ally.

Most cleaning services are, at best, casual acquaintances. At PetalSweet, we form lasting relationships with our clients—we not only take the care you would in tidying, scrubbing and polishing your
home, but in getting to know your pets and family too.

And as friends do, we want to share secrets with you … whether you’re looking to get rid of grunge or just organize a bit, you’ll find tips below to help keep your fresh start going well after January first.

• GET WARM AND FUZZY. Indulge your dog or cat with a bit of extra petting and brushing each day and you may find you both feel lighter. Well-groomed animals shed less, which means less vacuuming, fewer hairballs and maybe even some lint relief for your washer and dryer.

• INVEST IN A BREATHER. Kitchens and bathrooms can collect fumes and moisture. Greasy or damp-smelling spots are already unappealing, but smoke and mold buildup can also be bad for your health. Up-to-date range hoods and vents keep things aired out, inviting and healthy.

• FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Updating or re-purposing a room (it can be something as simple as new throw pillows or as involved as creating a crafting space) can fuel enthusiasm to keep it spruced up. When you enjoy the surroundings you’ve created, it’s second-nature to make sure they continue to look nice.

• LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD. Despite advertisers’ massive shift to digital venues, chances are there’s still a ton of junk mail headed to your house. The Federal Trade Commission provides painless steps to opt out of prescreened credit and insurance offers, as well as commercial mailings from many national companies. If it can’t get to your mailbox, it can’t collect on your counter.

• NOBODY’S PERFECT. The thing about a living space is, well, people live in it! Try to keep in mind that dirt and clutter inevitably happen—if you focus on managing them rather then banishing them, chances are you (and everyone in your home) will feel less frustrated or overwhelmed, and more likely to tackle tidying tasks on a regular basis.

And of course, it’s always okay to ask for help. PetalSweet Cleaning’s owner Jesica Wilfong knows exactly how difficult it can be to manage house cleaning in addition to work, family, and whatever else life throws your way—that’s why she started this exceptional company. Call 330.635.2294 to schedule your cleaning today!

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End the Needless Suffering Today

Help for pelvic floor dysfunction

Literally millions of Americans are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction but for many the disease goes undiagnosed and untreated. Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to a wide range of problems where there is weakness or tightness in the muscles of the pelvic floor or impairment of the sacroiliac joints, low back, tailbone/coccyx and/or hip joints. The pelvic floor is made up of 3 layers of muscles that form a sling that goes from the pubic bone to the tailbone. These often “forgotten” muscles assist in supporting the organs of the pelvis and abdomen along with helping to control bowel, bladder and sexual function.

Conditions of pelvic floor dysfunction may be due to any of the following: Infection, pregnancy or childbirth, insidious onset, trauma (bad fall or sexual abuse), poor posture from low back pain or sacroiliac dysfunction, malalignments of the pelvis/tailbone or spine, or a result of surgery.

Meghan Graf is a Physical Therapist at Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services in Medina that specializes in helping women with their pelvic floor dysfunction. Her specialty includes taking an often complex set of factors and symptoms and addressing each individual with a caring, sensitive approach. She can help with any of the following among others:
1) Disorders of the bladder including incontinence, urgency, frequency, inability to fully empty the bladder, pain or pressure in the bladder (Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome)
2) Sexual Dysfunction or painful intercourse
3) Pelvic organ prolapses
4) Pelvic pain
5) Pudendal neuralgia
6) Vulvodynia
7) Low back pain or sciatica

FAQ’s or Misconceptions

What can I Expect During a Treatment?
Meghan uses a gentle approach to evaluate the alignment of your spine and pelvis. She will check for tightness or weakness in your pelvic floor muscles without using a speculum and only within your comfort level. She may incorporate a pelvic floor strengthening program that consists of much more than just “doing your kegels” or she may need to work out some of the tightness in your pelvic floor with gentle trigger point releases and muscle massage.

If I am SUFFERING from INCONTINENCE, doing KEGELS is definitely the way to fix that, RIGHT?
This is one of the most common misconceptions women believe as many times they have been taught to just “do their kegels” as a solution to this annoying problem.  e fact is that if YOU have tightened or shortened pelvic floor muscles (which occur for a variety of reasons), doing kegels could actually make your problem worse! Meghan can evaluate you to determine the best course of treatment unique to your needs and musculoskeletal condition.

If a person has had surgery or is planning a SURGERY to address pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic floor therapy WILL NOT BE HELPFUL for them?
Incorrect. Physical therapists often work very closely with surgeons to achieve the best results for their patients. Surgery is designed to correct an anatomical problem, but it is important to achieve full muscle control and function after surgery to achieve optimal outcomes. Physical therapy can help achieve that.

Does what I EAT OR DRINK have any IMPACT ON MY SYMPTOMS of urinary dysfunction?
Many women who have problems with incontinence shy away from drinking much water as they think it will make their problem worse. Actually the opposite is true. Not drinking enough water can increase the concentration of your urine which can actually worsen symptoms in many cases. Seems counterproductive to drink more water but it can actually be helpful. Also, there are certain “bladder irritants” such as coffee or tea that when eliminated or decreased in your diet can be extremely helpful in lessening your symptoms.

Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services


2017 is Your Year, You Can Do It!

Thinking about starting that diet at the first of the new year? Check out Last Diet Ever and let this be your LAST DIET EVER.

During the holiday season, it’s not unusual for individuals to experience weight gain as a result of indulging at family gatherings and office parties. In fact, statistics show that many will gain between 7-15 pounds in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since it can be difficult to start a new weight loss program when there are so many tempting treats available, many people wait until the first of the year to make a commitment. Countless individuals will undoubtedly make a New Year’s resolution for 2017 to get back on track and shed all of their unwanted pounds.

The professionals at Last Diet Ever find that a good plan is to sign up for the program, get approval early in December, so participants will be ready to begin their rapid weight loss journey on New Year’s Day. This strategy allows participants to get a head-start in the game of weight loss so they can potentially lose 6-10 pounds by the end of the first week of January. It’s worth noting that by that time, those who chose the gym or their own program may only squeeze in a few workouts and have little to show for it. Those who are interested in medically supervised weight management will discover that a combination of healthy eating, light exercise, hCG treatments, and personal counseling courtesy of Last Diet Ever’s staff can lead to more significant results than diet and exercise alone.

Despite the growing popularity of their weight loss program, Last Diet Ever may be unknown to many residents in this area. It may be interesting to learn that the staff at Last Diet Ever is an excellent resource when it comes to nutritional advice and other helpful tools. For starters, Last Diet Ever encourages participants to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats—including wild-caught fish from their local grocery store. A healthy diet filled with the aforementioned foods can be extremely beneficial to those struggling with their weight, especially when it’s combined with regular hCG treatments. Since Last Diet Ever specializes in medically supervised weight management, they’re able to provide program participants with a naturally occurring hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which has shown to act as a weight loss aid. This hormone can only be prescribed by a medical doctor, so traditional weight loss centers aren’t authorized to give it to clients.

Those who are unsure as to whether this weight loss program will deliver the desired results may benefit from reading some of the success stories from other participants. For instance, Last Diet Ever recently had a gentleman in his 70s complete a 4-week protocol and lose more than 20 pounds. During his follow up call with Last Diet Ever, he expressed his satisfaction with the results and the ease at which he was able to stick with the program, despite frequent get-togethers with friends. Not only did the gentleman lose weight in difficult-to-target areas with excess fat stores, but he was able to get his blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels down to the normal range. And he’s not the only one. This weight loss center has helped many participants get off of insulin medications, blood pressure medications, and cholesterol medications.

Those who are unsure as to whether this weight loss program will deliver the desired results may benefit from reading some of the success stories from other participants. For instance, Last Diet Ever recently had a gentleman in his 70s complete a 4-week protocol and lose more than 20 pounds. During his follow up call with Last Diet Ever, he expressed his satisfaction with the results and the ease at which he was able to stick with the program, despite frequent get-togethers with friends. Not only did the gentleman lose weight in difficult-to-target areas with excess fat stores, but he was able to get his blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels down to the normal range. And he’s not the only one. This weight loss center has helped many participants get off of insulin medications, blood pressure medications, and cholesterol medications.

Last Diet Ever is extremely grateful to those who have allowed this weight loss center to help them on their journey toward better health. The staff members at Last Diet Ever have found it to be very rewarding to see the results and hear the testimonies. Since this is a season of reflection and thankfulness, Last Diet Ever and the staff wish to say “thank you” to all former patients who have undergone this weight loss program, made permanent lifestyle changes, and are now enjoying a healthier, richer life because of it. Those who are interested in a medically supervised weight management are encouraged to learn more about Last Diet Ever by visiting www.lastdietever.com. Those with questions regarding the safety of rapid weight loss and the effectiveness of hCG treatments are encouraged to contact the office directly at 330.721.1422.

Last Diet Ever
750 E Washington St, Ste D-4
Medina, Ohio 44256
Ph: 330.721.1422




Don’t let the holidays leave you overweight, exhausted & stressed!

Oh those days when I would fear the holidays –  the cookies, baked goods, spirits & endless parties…all revolving around food.  How would I ever survive?  Waking up with the dreaded food hangover, guilt & totally “run over” by all the sugar I had consumed from the day before.  I no longer live that way and I choose to never go back to the way I used to feel.  I love my kids & family more than anything and hope to have a long joyous healthy life with them!  My past has made me very passionate about what I do.  Therefore, I want to share my Twelve Tips of Holiday Cheer, that have gotten me where I am today!

  1. Focus on the people - Keep it a social event not a food event.  Spend time with people you haven’t seen since last years party!
  2. Be mindful - Make a plate and eat what is on it.  Don’t graze – the next thing you know you will have eaten enough for two days!
  3. Limit alcohol –  Excessive alcohol leads to irrational decisions – including food choices.  Have one drink, then switch to seltzer water.
  4. Smart food choices - Pick one ingredient foods, raw veggies, salad & meat.  Bring something to share that you know you would want to eat.
  5. Exercise - Don’t skip your workout.  Even if it is short and sweet.  It’ll boost your holiday cheer!
  6. Power Naps - take a quick snooze to recharge!  When I am tired I make bad decisions.  Set your alarm and take a quickie!
  7. Cook - Continue to make & plan healthy meals for yourself.  Being unprepared will leave you reaching for a not so healthy snack.
  8. Be organized - Keep a list and calendar of what you need to accomplish. I like to have my wrapping done by the 15th so I can enjoy the season.  Don’t find yourself frazzled under the tree on Christmas Eve!
  9. Manage Stress –  Stay calm.  Christmas is always on December 25th every year.  I am not sure why I hear about people last minute shopping like it was something new to them! Stress & cortisol impact your brain, weight, immune system, thyroid & GI tract.
  10. Remember your goals  Nothing taste as good as health feels for me.  Once again, I got tired of waking up feeling crappy!  The choice is yours.
  11. Calm mind - Five minutes of calm breathing can reset the body.  Have you ever watched people shopping?  They act like it is there last day to ever shop again.  Stay calm.  I love the holidays and have chosen to enjoy them instead of loathe them!
  12. Remember the Reason for the Season.  What we have in our homes is usually enough.  Be grateful and make it a Christmas that is merry, bright & filled with love!

No more obsessing over the dessert table, a second helping or endless drinks at the cash bar.  The meal is done – enjoy your family & friends, it is that simple. Do you want to wake up feeling energized & vibrant OR sick, gross & unhealthy?  I know what my choice is…what is yours?  It isn’t perfection – I recommend the 80/20 rule:  80% healthy 20% enjoy life.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-8-47-44-amProvided by Dawn McNeil from Integrative Whole Health, LLC
As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Dawn’s passion is to share how making healthier lifestyle changes can heal & restore our bodies.


We Believe In The Difference A Clean House Can Make!

By Jesica Wilfong, Owner of Petal Sweet Cleaning

Maintaining a clean home has many benefits that may improve anyone’s health from reducing allergies and mold to improving mental health and reducing stress. There are millions of women who suffer from cancer every year. That is why we believe in assisting cancer patients by proving a house cleaning while they are going through treatment.
Many of them do not have the strength to even life a mop, let alone clean their entire house. A clean environment has been shown to positively affect a cancer patient’s recovery.

We are so excited to partner with Cleaning For A Reason. Cleaning For A Reason inspires me every time I see how this wonderful cause continues to grow and impacts the lives of those who are cleaning and those who receive the gift of cleaning. My aunt is a cancer survivor and I feel so blessed to be able to say that and want to do everything I can to support those in treatment or recovery “until there’s a cure.”


PetalSweet Cleaning partners with Cleaning For A Reason, a national nonprofit organization. Their mission is to give the gift of free house cleaning for women undergoing
treatment for any type of cancer. The goal is to let these brave and strong women focus on their health and treatment while we focus on, and take away the worry and work of, cleaning their homes– free of charge. They have recruited over 1,200 maid services to donate free housecleaning to women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Since 2006, their partner maid services have volunteered their time to clean for over 22,600 women – valued at over $6,000,000. Learn more at www.cleaningforareason.org

warriors-in-pinkWe are also so proud to partner with Ford Motor Warriors In Pink to provide FREE housecleaning to women with breast cancer through the Cleaning For A Reason foundation. Any women with breast cancer will receive ONE FREE house cleaning from PetalSweet Cleaning. Since 2006, the goal of Cleaning For A Reason has been to reduce the stress and ease the burden a woman faces once a cancer diagnosis is received. A patient can then focus on her health and family and not on her home. Please apply for yourself or a friend at www.petalsweetcleaning.com/ford-warriors-pink/


9 Ways Hospice Helps Family Caregivers

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-9-39-41-amBY GWEN RIFICI

THE MOST COMMON STATEMENT I hear from families after their experience with us is, “Gee, I wish we had gone with hospice sooner.” Although each of us is mortal, death and dying are not something we spend much time thinking about. We’re too busy living day to day.

When a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis, it is hard for them, and for their families, to come to terms with the fact that time is limited. Time together suddenly becomes a precious commodity.

Hospice does its best work when life is measured in weeks or months, supporting not only our patients by managing pain and other chronic disease symptoms, but supporting the family members caring for them. Here are just a few of the ways we support family caregivers:

1. We teach you techniques to make your job easier and your loved one
more comfortable, such as how to safely transfer from a wheelchair into a
bed without straining your back.

2. Our team arranges delivery of medically appropriate supplies to make your loved one
more comfortable while easing your burdens. Examples include walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds and bedside commodes.

3. A hospice nurse provides instructions and support to help you organize and administer medications, change dressings, and assist with care between visits. Our hotline gives you aroundthe-clock access to a nurse.

4. A hospice nursing assistant (HNA) frees up more family time by providing compassionate care that preserves your loved one’s dignity. The HNA assists as needed with toileting, showering, personal grooming, the changing of bed linens and other needs.

5. It is vital that family caregivers take breaks to preserve their wellbeing. We help by providing care for your loved one at our HMC Hospice of Medina County in-patient care unit, or by sending a trained, respite care volunteer to your home so you can run errands, meet friends or relax and unwind.

6. Frequently, family business affairs must be put in order. Our social worker assists
you in accessing the community resources needed.

7. Members of the trans-disciplinary hospice care team – such as a social worker or an advanced practice nurse – can assist in completing an Advance Directive (AD). This is an important set of documents that communicate end-of-life care preferences.

8. A spiritual care coordinator is also available, if desired. Your hospice care team will help you manage stress, provide coping strategies and help the entire family understand what is happening, and what to expect.

9. Bereavement specialists are available to help you and your family prepare for the
upcoming loss and to provide grief support for 13 months after a loved one’s death.

About the Author
Gwen Rifici, a resident of Medina, has 25 years of experience as a social worker.
She is Clinical Team Leader at HMC Hospice of Medina County, a Hospice of the
Western Reserve affiliate.

Reproductive Fertility Center Explains Ways Women Over 50 May Become Pregnant

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For the past several weeks, the Reproductive Fertility Center offices have been bombarded with phone calls inquiring about Janet Jackson and how she was able to get pregnant, even though she is over 50 years old.

While we cannot disclose specific information about any of our patients in particular, due to HIPPA compliance, in general there are several ways a woman 50 years or older can get pregnant,” says Dr. Peyman Saadat, Medical Director of the West Hollywood-area Reproductive Fertility Center.

1) The first way is through natural pregnancy. The chance of this happening in a woman over the age of 50 is extremely rare. Statistics show an actual rate of less than a 1 in 1000.

2) In vitro fertilization (IVF) for a patient over the age of 50, using her own eggs. Again the chance of this happening is very unlikely.

3) An IVF cycle, using an egg donor. An egg donor is usually a healthy woman under the age of 30.  The egg donor will undergo IVF treatment, and her eggs will then be given to the intended mother for the purpose of achieving pregnancy.

a) The egg donor alternative has a very high rate of success, and very low rate of congenital complications, such as Down Syndrome or other anomalies, since the eggs are harvested from a healthy young donor.

b) The women receiving the eggs will undergo a comprehensive evaluation of her heart and lungs, numerous blood tests and other diagnostic testing, to insure it is safe for her to undergo treatment, and to safely carry a baby to term.

c) Although there are complications that are more common in women who become pregnant after 40, these complications are usually managed well by the patient and her physician. These complications include a higher chance of pregnancy induced hypertension and diabetes and increased risks of c-section and operative delivery.

4) Pregnancy can also be achieved at age 50 or older if the woman has frozen her eggs at a younger age, preferably at age 30 or under, as the quality of a woman’s eggs starts to decrease around age 30.

When patients call the Reproductive Fertility Center with questions, the office usually recommends the following: if you are young, and not ready to have children, freeze your eggs. If you are past the age when good quality eggs are produced, consider using eggs from a young egg donor for a higher chance of a healthy and successful pregnancy. Above all, before becoming pregnant, make sure your doctor evaluates your health to insure you are a good candidate to become pregnant using one of the above methods.Visit www.reproductivefertility.com.

Source: PR Newswire Association LLC
350 Hudson Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10014-4504