Metabolism: “A New Year, a New You”

By Joshua Trentine, OVERLOAD Fitness

I hear it all the time, “But I have a slow metabolism.” People rarely understand what “Metabolism” actually is or how it is affected. Metabolism is a combination of two processes: Catabolism, when food is broken down into simpler components. This is accompanied by the release of energy that heats the body, enables the body to move and provides fuel for anabolism. Anabolism, when the body uses the energy released because of catabolism to make new cells, maintain body tissues and store energy for future use. Metabolism is the whole range of chemical reactions in your body’s cells that turn the food you eat into living tissue, energy, and waste products. It is influenced by age, genetics, gender, height, hormones, stress, activity levels, diet, stimulants, ambient temperature, and lean body mass. There are ways to maintain a healthy and balanced metabolism. Aging will dramatically affect variables as a loss of muscle mass and down regulation of hormones occurs. We can’t cease the aging process, but we can resist metabolic slow-down. Diet and exercise should be our first line of defense.

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Overload Fitness~ Metabolism: “A New Year, a New You”



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