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Only eleven percent of the population has ever visited a chiropractor, which leave many others who have never been to a chiropractor before. Therefore, I am frequently asked, “what chiropractic is all about and how it can help.” Here are a few of my most recent and most popular questions:

 Q: I’ve heard that chiropractic can help with back pain and headaches, but what other conditions can it help?

A: Chiropractic helps to improve your body’s “innate intelligence,” which is your body’s ability to heal itself. By removing nervous system interference with precise chiropractic adjustments to the spine, pressure off of the delicate nerves enables the body to function more optimally, which equates to less pain, stiffness, better range of motion and most importantly, optimum health! Conditions that respond very well to chiropractic include carpal tunnel, tinnitis, vertigo, shoulder pain, sports injuries, leg pain, allergy and sinus problems just to name a few. Chiropractic is also very effective and safe for children of all ages, including newborns with colic, reflux or ear infections, and pregnant women too! Geriatric patients can also benefit greatly from care.

 Q: What makes Panchur Chiropractic Wellness Centre unique from other chiropractic offices?

 A: Panchur Chiropractic Wellness Centre has been providing care to Wadsworth, Medina Country and the surrounding communities for over 7 years. We are a family wellness centre, where we treat everyone from Pediatrics to Geriatrics! We pride ourselves on personalized care and treat every patient that walks in our door the way we would want to be treated — The Golden Rule, if you will. We take our time with each of our patients; getting to know them personally and learning how we can better help.

In addition to individualized personal chiropractic care, Panchur Chiropractic is also proud to offer a variety of holistic services including Therapeutic Massage, Cold laser therapy, Nutritional support, and Digitalized Foot evaluations for customized orthotics. I am also very excited to offer Acupuncture and Gua Sha therapy. I am one of only over 100 Chiropractors in the state of Ohio licensed to perform acupuncture treatments for my patients. This certainly makes our office unique!

 Q: I’m curious about Acupuncture and how it works. Can you tell me about it? Do the needles hurt?

 A: Acupuncture is based on the Chinese premise of balancing the “Chi” or energy in our bodies for the treatment of various ailments and for general wellness and well-being. Needles are placed along Meridians (energy channels) in various locations, depending upon the patient’s symptoms, in order to balance the energy to enable their body to approach homeostatis—which means increased healing and decreased pain! The needles are very thin and do not hurt. Most patients fi nd the experience very relaxing. For those who are weary of needles, a needlefree acupuncture technique is available that is just as effectively. I see a variety of conditions in my office, including shoulder and arm pain, lower back pain, Neuropathies, Arthritis, Cancer patients (to help with adverse effects of chemotherapy or radiation), ADD/ADHD, Fertility, and Allergies just to name a few.

 Q: I’m not in any pain, so how can your office help me?

 A: Great question! The best thing about chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage are that they provide wellness support for your body to help keep you feeling good! You don’t have to be in pain to benefit from the healing potential our treatments have to offer. One of the best times to seek treatment is by being pro-active and preventative, meaning don’t wait until you’re in pain. The feeling of pain is the last thing to present itself. Therefore, by the time you’re in pain the problem has usually been going on for some time and could potentially take some work to correct. I always love when I meet patients who come in for wellness–they get the “Big Idea” with their health!

We look forward to sharing the healing benefits of care with you!!

Dr. Jennifer Panchur has been a licensed Chiropractor since 1998. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Ohio University and then went on to complete her doctor of chiropractic studies at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City. Upon graduating from Chiropractic College, Dr. Panchur worked as an associate doctor in a group practice for over four and a half years, after which she opened Panchur Chiropractic Wellness Centre. After opening her clinic in 2005, Dr. Panchur has had the pleasure to treat and introduce hundreds of patients to the wonderful healing benefits of chiropractic care.



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Hormones & Body Fat Are Connected!

By Jeffrey A. Potter, R.Ph.

So you’ve made the resolution to lose weight through diet and exercise. Congratulations! However, as we age, diet and exercise alone may not be enough. As our hormones decline, so does our metabolism. This is true for both men and women. You may have heard or seen commercials and advertisements about fad products claiming a guarantee to work. Let’s face it, if they did really work, every physician would recommend them and we would stock them on our shelves! However, balancing your hormones with real human hormones along with proper nutrition and exercise is the ONLY effective method proven to work!

Declining or imbalances within our adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive hormones are also known to cause sleep disturbances, decreased libido, depression, fatigue, and stress. How do you know if hormones are playing a role in your symptoms? Will balancing your hormone benefit you? How do you know if hormones are affecting your weight loss? These are some of the questions Clinical Apothecaries is asked on a daily basis.

It is important to identify the problem area before selecting a treatment plan. This is achieved through saliva testing, which is the most reliable way to measure free, bioavailable hormone activity. Most blood tests do not measure bioavailable hormone at the tissue level. Saliva testing is an excellent way to objectively measure estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol. Blood spot testing can additionally measure your thyroid hormone function by observing TSH, free T4, free T3 (active thyroid) and TPO. By analyzing this “symphony of hormones” it allows us to see a clear picture of your overall hormone health.

Additionally, Body Composition Testing analyzes our body in relation to fat, lean body mass, and water. More importantly, the information will help you to set realistic goals in terms of weight adjustment, eating habits and exercise.

During the months of December 2011 and January 2012, receive a FREE Body Composition Test ($75.00 value) with a completed full hormone consultation!

Please mention The Medina County Women’s Journal when scheduling your consultation.

JOIN US To learn more about the “Symphony of Hormones” and saliva testing, please join us at our upcoming seminar!

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Get Relief from Joint Stiffness and Pain

By Mike Ventresca, Owner of Vital Choice Health Store




Do you suffer from joint pain or stiffness? If so, today’s column about a little known supplement could be just what the doctor ordered – literally.

Recently, I spoke with Dr. Douglas Kiburz, a practicing orthopedic surgeon. In the interview, he discussed how a patented form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is literally stealing away would-be surgical patients by greatly enhancing the health of their joints. A fact that has him thrilled!

We’ve known about HA since the 1940s. It’s essentially a fancy sugar that’s found in every cell of the body. It’s largely responsible for lubricating the joints, eyes, discs in the back and skin. The body produces and breaks down HA every day. As we age, we break down more than we produce leading to stiff cracking joints that begin to lose their natural shock absorbing ability. That’s where Baxyl™ comes in.

Baxyl is a patented form of HA clinically demonstrated to promote the repair, maintenance, and protection of cartilage and joint tissues (according to Dr. Kiburz, better than any other supplement available, including the popular glucosamine/chondroitin) as well as enhance joint mobility.

What makes Baxyl so different is its high molecular weight. Through a patented fermentation process, Baxyl more closely resembles the HA produced by the body than any other form available. According to Dr. Kiburz, that’s what makes Baxyl so effective. In fact, in a recent study with 50 of his patients, 84% reported “good to great” results after only 30 days!

 If you are concerned about the health of your joints,

I highly recommend you consider giving Baxyl a try. I did, and am happy to report I noticed a difference in just one week! You can hear about my results and listen to the full interview with Dr. Kiburz on our podcast site @

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have concerns about your own health, you should always consult with a healthcare professional.

David and Michael Ventresca founded Vital Choice Health Store in 1998 after spending 3 years working with their father, Dr. Gino Ventresca in the Brentwell Institute of Holistic Health. While at Brentwell, the brothers helped develop informational programs for physicians looking to implement holistic principles into their practice. In 1998, David and Michael took this emphasis on information and built it into the foundation of Vital Choice Health Store.

Vital Choice Health Store
9243 Sprague Rd • North Royalton, OH 44133
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“I came to Vital Choice with nothing to lose. I had low thyroid, high cholesterol and issues with pain. They were able to answer my questions and show me products that have completely turned things around for me.” ~ Barb Morvich, Brook Park

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