New Technologies — Done In Less Time with Quicker Recovery

At Western Reserve Plastic Surgery, we are always improving our performance through new methodologies and technologies. Ultimately, it means less time in the operating room for you and a quicker recovery. Here are a few of the latest techniques and procedures Dr. George Picha of Western Reserve Plastic Surgery is implementing.

 Breast Rejuvenation: Many patients are now moving to silicone gel implants because of the natural feel and reduced risk of wrinkling beneath thin skin. Gel implants today come in three proù les: low, medium, and high, as well as a wide range of volumes. °© e latest procedures use a “no touch technique.” The implant is placed into a funnel and then inserted through the incision, minimizing the potential for skin contact and infection. It delivers the implant with less trauma and reduces the risk for surface contamination.

At Western Reserve Plastic Surgery we offer combined techniques which restore volume and lift breasts which may have changed over time due to pregnancy and aging. Using the Benelli technique (making the incision around the areola) we can eliminate vertical incisions in front of the breast and horizontal incisions beneath the breast. This technique elevates the breast back to its original position and reduces excess tissue. °© is procedure can also be combined with breast augmentation.

 Laser Treatment for Excessive Sweating: You no longer have to suffer from the embarrassment of excessive sweating. A one time laser procedure performed in about 30 minutes can permanently end excessive sweating! Under local anesthesia, a specialized laser is used to target and destroy specific sweat glands in the armpit. They are then gently suctioned away. Patients see immediate results and only spend one to two days recovering from the procedure. Most are able to go back to work the next day!

 Broadband Light Erases Acne: Erase your acne in a í ash with Broadband Light (BBL) technology. BBL uses the power of pulsed light to precisely treat acne. The result is smooth, even-toned skin. This non-invasive, gentle procedure can be performed in a matter of minutes and in most cases you can return to work and activities right away! Most patients require two to three sessions and begin noticing dramatic results after just one session.

Laser Liposuction: You can have a new body in a matter of minutes with this in-office procedure. Laser liposuction, using Slim Lipo, removes unwanted fat right in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. You can be back to work the next day! With Slim Lipo there is less trauma to the tissue so the healing time is faster with less swelling and bruising. Slim Lipo also tightens the skin from the inside leaving the area looking smoother. This procedure works best for patients who are unable to get rid of fat deposits despite exercising and being at a healthy weight.

Dr. Picha is also highly skilled in endoscopic facial surgery, providing a more rapid recovery due to the ability to make minimal incisions, and he has pioneered the modified facelift, which allows the patient to return to normal activities in 24 hours. In his non-invasive treatments, Dr. Picha takes an artistic approach to the use of Botox, enabling him to contour and lift the brow. Soft-tissue fillers can also help reduce the appearance of lines around the eyes and mouth.

Now, more than ever, you have many options to create the look you want and feel your very best.


To learn more about these procedures and to make an appointment, visit or call (440)842-FACE. Mention The Cleveland Women’s Journal when making your appointment.

  Dr. George Picha

In his 20 years as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. George Picha has performed thousands of breast laser procedures. He’s a world-renowned expert in breast augmentation and design of breast implants. Dr. Picha is a master of aesthetics and has an astute understanding of balance and beauty, which he applies to all of his surgical procedures.

 In addition, Dr. Picha also has a Ph. D. in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University and as a result, Allergan Corporation requested his services as a chairman of the breast implant follow up study. Allergan is the world’s largest manufacturer of breast implants and also manufactures Botox.

 Dr. Picha was the first physician in Ohio to perform LifeSculpt™ laser body sculpting which uses the latest technology to gently melt away fat cells in as little as 15 minutes! Palomar Medical Technologies was so impressed with Dr. Picha’s expertise and results, they asked him to be a preceptor and trainer of other doctors wishing to use the technology.

 Dr. Picha and his staff at Western Reserve Plastic Surgery take special interest in each patient and her/his treatment, from the initial consultation to the post-operative phase of surgery.

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