Why You Should Set Your Alarm for 4:28am!

People everywhere are setting their alarms earlier and earlier to get a head start on their days. The reasons range from wanting to beat rush hour or jumping on the treadmill, to having quiet time to check email, slug down some coffee and catch the early news.

Define “early news.”

Well, in Cleveland and other cities around the country, it is now defined as 4:30am.

WEWS NewsChannel 5 wasted no time reacting to the expectations of its early rising viewers and quickly restructured its news cycles. Station management also went in search of the best early morning anchor team it could find.

Jill Manuel, NewsChannel 5 news director, was familiar with one time local news anchor Macie McInnis, now Macie Jepson. From 1994 to 1999, she anchored at WJW Fox 8 at various times throughout the day.

“Announcing Macie as one of our morning news anchors is another step in strengthening this very important news daypart,” explains Ms. Manuel. “Many viewers already know Macie, and her knowledge of the people, places, and things that matter to Northeast Ohioans will be advantageous to everyone who engages with NewsChannel 5 in the morning on-air, online, and through our social media platforms.”

“Not only was my family thrilled to return to this city that is rich with culture, history and incredibly real people, I am excited about returning to Morning News,” Jepson says.

“We have a responsibility to prepare our viewers for the day. It’s my desire to do it with a delicate combination of know-how and warmth.” Macie has earned several honors for her work, including “Medical Reporter of the Year” from the March of Dimes, as well as the 2006

American Women in Radio and Television “Personality of the Year” award.

The next step for station management was to identify the other half of this very important team. Mike Dunston, most recently from Orlando station WFOL, completes the team. Like

Macie, Mike is not a stranger to NE Ohio. “I started my journalism career in Ohio and really got to know and to love the down-to-earth demeanor, and the culture of integrity among many people in the Buckeye state,” reflects Mike.

Community work is important to Mike. . He’s most proud of his work hosting a series of reports on adoption, helping to move children from foster care to permanent loving homes.

Macie and Mike debuted on NewsChannel 5 January 9th and joined meteorologist Christine Ferreira, Traffi c Anchor/Reporter Alicia Roberts, and Multimedia Journalist Josh Boose.

By the way, in Macie and Mike’s world, 4:30am is late. In order to be at the top of their game so the news they deliver to us at that early hour is timely, accurate and relevant, they set their alarms to go off before midnight.

“It’s tough coming in so early working the ‘vampire shift,’ but it’s worth it,” says Mike. “Macie and I really wanted to be a part of the process, helping to fi nd the newest stories and newest angles so the news is fresh for the people at home.”

And Macie adds, “It helps that I’m a napper. I can sleep anywhere, anytime.”

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I Can’t Hear What Has Been Said

By Bob Heiser, Hearing Health Centers

Q. I hear people, but sometimes I just don’t seem to understand all of what’s been said. I never experienced this problem before. What’s wrong?

 A. I often hear from my patients, “I can hear them, I just don’t understand them.” They say “I can hear some people better than others,” or “I often have to turn the television up so loud, my spouse complains.”

These people most likely have a high frequency loss. One out of ten every 10 Americans experience some degree of hearing loss. They are missing some of the high tones which are responsible for the consonant sounds. One example would be “Th” sounds and the “Sh” sound, which are almost alike. The word “Three” comes out like “Tree,” “Shoe” sounds like “Two.” Most People with this type of hearing loss will have more difficulty understanding women and children because they normally have a higher tone in their voices.

Technology has led to many advances and today’s newer digital hearing aids make the words clearer, not just louder. Some of the products I recommend even cut down the background noises while making voices louder and clearer. People can now hear and understand in noisy situations much better than ever before. If you or a loved one is experiencing any hearing difficulties, a hearing test is important. The sooner a person gets the help they need, the better the results he or she will have.

Hearing Myths:

Myth: Most hearing problems can’t be helped…

Fact: 90% of hearing loss is very responsive to treatment

Myth: Living with a hearing loss is no big deal…

Fact: There are many psychological effects to hearing loss, including frustration, withdrawal and depression. Trouble communicating with others creates a strain on relationships ad a loss of esteem. It is far better to deal with healing loss than pretend it is not happening.

Myth: Hearing loss and wearing hearing aids are a sign of old age…

Fact: There are more hearing impaired people in the 45-64 age group than there are in the over 65 age group. It is becoming more popular to reach out to get treatment than to ignore the problem.

Bob Heiser is a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 25 years experience. Hearing Health Centers is located at 754 N. Court Street, Medina in Comstock Junction. Business Hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday and in-home appointments are available. Call 330.725.3259 or 1-800-916-1972. For more information, visit our website at hearinghealthcenters.com

Hear What You Have Been Missing.

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Is Your View of “Success” Leading to a Successful Life? Pt.2

By James H. Blackburn, Best-selling Author, “seeds Of Intent”

In Part I of this two part article, I shared insight into the struggle created by vague definitions of success. (IF YOU HAVEN’T READ PART ONE YOU CAN READ IT HERE) In this second part, I would like to delve more deeply into why so many of us continue to hold on to our vague definitions.

The vagueness that surrounds the subject of success serves two purposes for many of us. Candidly, it keeps us in a state of denial and avoidance. Denial and avoidance you ask? Yes, a vague definition of success is a symptom of the much deeper issues of denying our true identity as well as not accepting our ultimate life purpose. Too many of us are living a rushed life and urgently getting stuff accomplished as if that’s why we are here? We are consumed with busyness and living life as we are lead to believe we should by well-meaning family, friends, educators and professional colleagues. Is this you? Well, if work-life balance is a struggle for you, if relationships at home and/or work are problematic resulting in feelings of guilt and being overwhelmed, and if you are not as happy as you would like to be, then this includes you. How are you feeling right now? Is reading this article upsetting you? If it isn’t, let’s go to avoidance.

How could vagueness about a person’s definition of success contribute to avoidance? I see it every day as I watch people blame, make excuses, justify and defend. What’s being avoided here? I would like to start with personal responsibility. That’s right. When we blame others and situations, make excuses and defend, we are avoiding personal responsibility as we deflect it onto others and/or situations. And by personal responsibility, I am defining it for the purposes of this article as being responsible for your current life situation, for creating the future you’re meant to live and for making that future a reality. This is extremely difficult for many of us as it means accepting a life full of uncertainties and no guarantees.

What else is being avoided? The ability to commit to growth where growth means becoming more as a person, embracing same things/situations differently and venturing beyond what is familiar and safe. By the way, this lack of commitment is caused by lack of trust in self.

So where to from here you may be asking? Well, that’s up to you. You can dismiss everything you have read here and continue experiencing life as you are currently. Or, you can pause and reflect on what these words mean to you and begin taking a deeper look into the whys and why not’s of your life.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is important to you? What does a meaningful and fulfilling life look like? What needs to change so that you experience more of the feelings we all long for such as being valued and cared for, calmness, peacefulness, and the fulfillment of making a difference? Finding answers to these questions and many more like them will lead you to rediscover the dreams and hope you had as a child and begin living the life you are meant to live—the life of a remarkable person who is making a difference.

The minute you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change – Marilee Zdenek

Exercise Helps Fibromyalgia

By Joshua Trentine, OVERLOAD Fitness

Fibromyalgia is a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.

Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 5.8million Americans.

Fibromyalgia symptoms are commonly treated with medications, lifestyle changes, stress management, massage, hydrotherapy, infrared therapy, and most importantly diet and exercise.

Exercise is one of the most effective treatments for fibromyalgia. It benefits all of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, including pain, fatigue, hormonal output and sleep problems.

Exercise can help maintain or increase bone mass, improve balance, reduce stress, increase cardiac output, increase strength and improve overall functional ability. Getting regular exercise can also improve glucose economy and insulin sensitivity; this relates to body fat levels, lean muscle mass and metabolic efficiency. Some evidence supports the hypothesis that fibromyalgia may be due to thyroid disorder. The right type of exercise can enhance thyroid function, the wrong type, or too much, can depress thyroid function which is particularly relevant when dealing with someone deconditioned or debilitated fibromyalgia sufferers.

Exercise and diet can and will have a profound impact on hormones. In spite of this fact, some people will need to seek professional medical help for rebalancing their thyroid hormones. This subject is outside of the scope of this article and should be discussed with a medical doctor.

Exercise done right may be the most controllable component when addressing fibromyalgia. Exercise done right is high intensity low force strength training.

Exercise done wrong: Excessive amounts of long duration steady state activity at a low intensity.

Fibromyalgia Strength Training:

• Choose only 1 to 2 days per week to engage in strength training. All of the “good stuff” happens while we recover from exercise, this can take 3 to 7 days. Recovery periods may need to be even longer as we age or become more advanced in our exercise performance. A full week rest may be absolutely appropriate for many fibromyalgia sufferers.

• Choose the minimum number of exercises that produce the greatest effect. These tend to be a combination of Leg Press, Pull Down, Chest Press, Compound Row, and Overhead Press. Fibromyalgia sufferers may need very specific back and neck exercises. This should be supervised by trained professionals.

• Select a load that produces muscular failure in a range of 6 to 10 repetitions done in a very specific manner. Use the slowest speed of movement that produces the smoothest movement possible. It makes the exercise both harder and safer.

• Train to fatigue, the point where you are incapable of producing another repetition in spite of your best efforts and form. We recommend that fibromyalgia patients slowly progress their loads and avoid training to fatigue for the first month working out.

• Breath Free! Never hold your breath during exercise. Listen to your breath sounds, note that your breathing should increase to a rapid rate as you fatigue; this effects the stress response that the fibromyalgia suffer may get from exercise and may help with discomfort of some of the accessory breathing muscles in the upper back that can become restricted.

• Focus. You should maintain a blank expressionless look on your face no matter how hard the exercise gets and NEVER move your eyes or head around the room while training. This protects the vulnerable neck (often seen with fibromyalgia) and improves muscular recruitment.