Hormone Balancing is NOT Just for Women

By Jeffrey A. Potter, R.Ph.

Low testosterone levels, also known as Low-T, can negatively affect energy, sexual
function, body composition, cardio-metabolic profile, and healthy aging if left untreated.
Testosterone replacement therapy can restore testosterone levels to normal and alleviate
many of the symptoms of Low-T.

In the Hypogonadism in Males (HIM) study of men treated in the primary care setting, nearly 40% of men over the age of 45 tested positive for Low-T. These findings suggest that 13.8 million American men over 45 years old may be testosterone-deficient. The prevalence of low testosterone also increases in men with common factors, such as obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Testosterone levels at any age may also be adversely affected by acute illness, nutritional deficiency, excessive exercise, and certain medications.

If you suspect you or a loved one may be testosterone deficient, a hormone test would be the first step. Not all tests are the same. Our bodies use hormones at the tissue level, not in the blood. Therefore, Clinical Apothecaries recommends having those levels tested using a
Saliva Test kit, available in our office. The comprehensive male hormone profile measures testosterone (the primary indicator of andropause or deficiencies), Estrogen (in excess it inhibits the action of testosterone), DHEA (fundamental to hormone production), Cortisol (indicates adrenal imbalance and exposure to stress that can lower hormone), and
the Thyroid profile blood spot test assesses thyroid dysfunction that may result from, or cause, imbalances of other hormones.

Testosterone is commercially available by prescription in a variety of strengths and dosages. Testosterone injections are associated with peak and trough serum testosterone
concentrations, increasing the risk of mood swings in addition to pain at the injection site. The major limitation of testosterone gel is the risk of testosterone transfer from the patient to others via skin contact. Over the counter products that promise to increase testosterone levels are ineffective. At Clinical Apothecaries our prescription compounded topical testosterone is delivered in custom concentrations in a lower volume of cream to help avoid the risk of transfer to others.

Clinical Apothecaries is a compounding and consulting pharmacy that specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We will work closely with your physician to determine the best therapy for you. If testosterone replacement therapy is necessary, we highly recommend bioidentical hormones in a dose specific to your body’s needs. The benefit of using bioidentical testosterone instead of herbals or synthetics is that you are not introducing counterfeit hormones to your body. These are the same hormones that your body has always used. Call our office to schedule an appointment and begin the process of restoring stamina, drive and virility to your life. Take the first step of rediscovering your best you today.

At Home Testing

Saliva testing is an accurate, painless and convenient way to test your reproductive, thyroid and adrenal hormones. Saliva testing is the most reliable way to measure free, bioavailable hormone activity. Pick up your Saliva Test Kit at our office!

An Amazing Team of Holistic Therapy Professionals

Featured on the cover of our Medina County Women’s Journal

By Sarah Toman

Since 1995, I have imagined offering a holistic therapy practice for individuals, couples, and families in the Medina area. That dream became a reality in December of 2010 when I moved my psychology practice into the house at 315 West Liberty Street, Medina. Shortly after, the practitioners from Behavioral Health Services joined me to further enhance the dream.

Now I have the pleasure of working with colleagues who are of like minds, committed to providing a peaceful, nurturing environment to assist you with achieving your ultimate emotional, physical and spiritual health. You might choose to work exclusively with one of our psychologists, counselors or college access coach, or to support your mental health services with energy analysis, therapeutic massage and Reiki.

We have practitioners who specialize in working with adults, adolescents, and children facing developmental concerns, life transitions, losses and accomplishments, in addition to mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and ADHD. Adolescents and children who meet with us fi nd our practitioners to be supportive adults who value their perspectives and work with them and their families for healthier relationships at home and school.

Therapeutic massage, reiki and energy analysis are beneficial when life stressors also affect energy and physical health. Some of our clients choose to address physical health issues like lupus, multiple sclerosis, cancer, chronic fatigue, or fibromyaligia through therapeutic massage and reiki.

You can contact us at 330-607-1560 and 1-866-466-9591
or on our websites www.therapyonliberty.com and

Sarah Toman, Psychologist, works with children, adolescents, adults and couples through a supportive therapeutic relationship and environment. She is a member of the faculty at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the founding owner of Therapeutic Associates of Medina. Contact Sarah at 330-607-1560, stoman@therapyonliberty.com

Meet the rest of the team!

Therapeutic Associates of Medina