Where Does a Physical Therapist Go for Therapy?

By Suzanne M. Valentine, PT

As a licensed physical therapist with 20 years experience, I found myself in a quandary about where to go for my own treatment. After a serious car accident, I was left with a great deal of pain and infl ammation. From my own personal experience, I knew that holistic “hands on therapy” would be most effective to address these issues. I wasn’t sure where to turn for this treatment, and even considered travelling to Chicago to receive treatment from a colleague specializing in “hands on therapy”.

During a conversation with one of my patients, I discovered one of the best kept secrets in Northeast Ohio: Advanced Bodywork & Massage Institute. I received “hands on therapy” from the owner, Jeff Kates, a Licensed Massage Therapist with 28 years of experience. Kates uses a highly effective combination of comprehensive hands-on techniques with the goal of reducing pain and muscular imbalance by restoring motion to the entire body. His approach to treatment has several advantages.

1. All treatments are systemic, meaning the body is treated as a whole. Working only on specific areas is ineffective since the human body is connected continuously from head to toe by a thin sheath of connective tissue called fascia, which connects to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, etc. The place people feel pain the most is often only the “tip of the iceberg.” The fascia must be released or “unwound” for complete pain relief. This can often be done with the client completely clothed.

2. The treatments are painless. Kates’ treatments are gentle in nature, and work with the body in reducing pain and restoring balance by restoring normal range of motion. This painless approach is in contrast to what most people and therapists believe is effective; that is the no pain, no gain approach to treatment.

3. Most people think they cannot move well because they are in pain. On the contrary, Kates believes they are in pain because they cannot move well. Lack of movement hinders circulation, which causes infl ammation and pain. Kates works to restore motion, which improves circulation, which erases pain. Clients receive education on stretches, etc. they can do at home, and things they may be doing habitually to cause their pain, like holding a cell phone to the ear by hunching up one shoulder.

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