Midlife Makeover Reflect your inner vibrancy and natural beauty.

You should look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. ƒ That’s what Western
Reserve Plastic Surgery client Linda Goldstein strongly believes. ƒ The 62-year-old
exercises, eats a healthy diet and works on her spirituality. “Why should you do all that and look in the mirror and see an old woman,” asked Goldstein. “With all the technological advances and surgical procedures available, why shouldn’t you look good too?”

During a span of 16 years, Goldstein has undergone several procedures to enhance her natural beauty, including a tummy tuck, breast lift, neck lift, Botox and Juvederm. All of the procedures were performed by renowned surgeon Dr. George Picha of Western Reserve
Plastic Surgery. Goldstein says she has recommended him to many of her friends and colleagues.

“He’s not just an amazingly accomplished surgeon, he’s also an artist,” said Goldstein. “He knows the human body so well and has the finesse to create the most aesthetically pleasing result.”

Goldstein Š first met Dr. Picha in the mid 1990’s after her freelance work as an on-camera spokesperson began to slow down. When she asked for feedback, Linda was told she looked old and tired. ƒ That’s when she made an appointment with Dr. Picha.

I immediately liked him. He was so calm and positive,” recalled Goldstein. “He is very honest and won’t sell you something you don’t need.” After a discussion with Linda, Dr. Picha suggested a modiŠfied facelift to rejuvenate the lower half of Linda’s face. Linda says that was just the beginning. It also rejuvenated her career, self-esteem and determination to always look her best.

International Expert for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Picha has unique credentials which make him a highly-specialized surgeon, particularly for breast augmentation. Not only is Dr. George Picha a board-certiŠfied plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, but he is also a scientist with a Ph.D. in biomedical/ biomaterials engineering. Using this degree, he has worked with Dow
Corning to invent technology to enhance the performance of breast implants.

As a patient, this means you can have the engineer who helped design an implant also perform your breast augmentation surgery!

Dr. Picha knows which breast implants will give you the look you want. ƒ The trend for many patients now is to choose silicone gel implants because of the natural feel and reduced risk of wrinkling beneath thin skin.

Gel implants today come in three pro­blems: low, medium, and high, as well as a wide range of volumes. ƒ The latest procedures use a “no touch technique.” ƒ The implant is placed into a funnel and then inserted through the incision, minimizing the potential for skin contact and infection. It delivers the implant with less trauma and reduces the risk
for surface contamination. Breast augmentation can also be combined with a breast lift if necessary.

To complete your look, you can eliminate areas of unwanted fat in just a matter of minutes with laser liposuction using Slim Lipo. ƒ This procedure is performed in the doctor’s o® ce under local anesthesia. With Slim Lipo there is less trauma to the tissue so the healing time is faster with less swelling and bruising. Slim Lipo also tightens the skin from the inside leaving the area looking smoother.

Whatever your goals may be, Dr. Picha will work with you to provide the best possible outcome. Just like Linda Goldstein, your reflection in the mirror can once again reflect your inner vibrancy and natural beauty.

Call Western Reserve Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation, 440-842-FACE.

Dr. George Picha
In his 20 years as a board-certi„fied plastic surgeon, Dr. George Picha has performed thousands of breast augmentations, laser body sculpting procedures and facial rejuvenation procedures. He’s a world-renowned expert in breast augmentation and the design of breast implant surface technology.

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