Women and Stress

By Veronica Brooke, Owner

Ever wake up in the morning and feel like you must have slept on the wrong side of the bed? Your stiffˆ neck can’t turn easily, and your sore back aches and throbs.

Chances are, these symptoms have been building up over an extended period of time and have Š finally caught up with you.

What could be the cause then, you ask. What happened?
Many women carry stress in their bodies. As women, we are expected to be consummate professionals at work and tireless caretakers at home with our families. Stress can peak without us even knowing the harm it is causing to our bodies.

It may be the usual stress of everyday life that simply accumulates over time, or it may stem from old, unresolved issues manifesting as physical pain to get us to pay attention.

It is important to pay attention to these signs of muscle pain, stiˆffness and soreness as they may be trying to tell us something. When ignored, these chronic symptoms can lead to more serious debilitating conditions.

What can you do to prevent stress from ravaging your muscles and tissues?
Research has shown that regular massages may not only prevent the build-up of stress, but also kick start your immune system. ƒ That’s a great defense against the miseries of the cold and flu season.

Lakewood Massotherapy’s expert staffˆ of 24 therapists, many of whom have been practicing for over 10 years at our clinic, focus is on your individual needs and employ the proper techniques to help alleviate muscular tightness, flush out toxins from tissues, and improve poor circulation – the most common causes of sore and inflexible muscles.

Team of Professionals to Help You Every Step of The Way

The Anytime Fitness team wants you to succeed! Anytime Fitness owners and Licensed CertiŠed Athletic Trainers, Dave and Jennifer Frisby, have created a club culture like no other; a supportive and fun atmosphere oˆffering state of the art equipment and classes. ƒ They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and now oˆffer Fitness on Demand Classes, any hour of the day. Integrated access and remote monitoring/surveillance systems provide round the clock security during every work out. Maximize your membership with 24/7 access to Anytimehealth.com. All memberships include this online resource offering an activity tracker, workout planner, diet tracker and virtual coaching. Membership also gives your access to over 1900 Anytime Fitness Centers across the country.

As member, you have a team of professionals behind you every step of the way. Anytime Fitness has teamed up with personal trainer, Patti Vinci, to help members develop a personalized workout. Because nutrition is such an important part of obtaining health and wellness, Anytime Fitness has partnered with Becky Bradford, a certiŠ ed health coach, to oˆ er advice on nutrition and stress management.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Workout Facility

1. Location: Find location either close to home or to the office.
Close to work, close to home, open 24/7 gym membership, we’ re right where you need us. The convenient location of Anytime Fitness in Wadsworth, OH, makes it easier for you to stick with your health and fitness program. And we’re never closed. It’s all about your schedule with this fitness center membership, not ours.

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3. Fellow members: Some might prove intimidating or uncomfortable; it’s always a good idea to frequent the gym a few times to see if it is a fi t. Our Club culture that is friendly and supportive. We care about your fitness journey. What we don’t care about is your “outfit” or what you currently know about fitness. Everyone has to start somewhere, and our gym membership is the best place to start!

4. Cost: Inquire about membership costs as well as any initiation fees you may incur or eligible discounts. At Anytime Fitness Wadsworth gym membership is low cost. It’s probably less than your monthly cell phone bill or the price of a daily cup of coffee. With all the ways you can spend your hard earned money, our fitness center membership is a real bargain. We also off er flexible membership and payment options.

Your Guy’s Hearing

By Jill Schaefer, M.A. Audiologist

A frequent scenario: you talk, and your guy replies “huh”, “what”, or answers with something that is unrelated to what you said. You might be tempted to humorously blame senility, but chances are hearing loss is his problem.

About 33% of people age 60 have at least a mild hearing loss, and the percentages go up as you age. The ear is most sensitive to nerve cell loss in the high frequencies. Noise exposure, aging, and diabetes are the top three causes. High frequencies are what give speech clarity, so without those highs, speech isn’t as clear. Everything sounds muffled, which is why he says, “Everybody just mumbles” or “My hearing is normal for my age.”

Hearing loss IS common in his age group, but that doesn’t mean it is normal hearing, and it should not be ignored. Avoiding the issue can lead to misunderstandings and arguments, so an evaluation by an audiologist is recommended.

Audiologists have university degrees and are the professionals trained to evaluate hearing. 85% of the time, test results show nerve cell damage. Since there is no medication or an easy surgery for nerve loss, the answer to better hearing is hearing aids. For the other 15%, a physician will be recommended.

Today’s hearing aids sound really good, fit comfortably, and most styles are hardly noticeable.  Remember, everybody’s hearing loss is different, and that’s why the skills of our experienced audiologists are so important. Echo Hearing excels in matching the right hearing aids to the patients’ lifestyle and budget, with unique policies to guarantee success; call us to find out more. We CAN help you and your guy have fewer frustrating moments. So get his hearing tested and improve both of your lives.

Call 216.642.8228 for a FREE appointment at our Rocky River or Independence office. CWJ readers will receive a discount AND an extra year’s warranty on most hearing aid models.

Encore Careers: Becoming Your Own Boss

Presented by Jonathan S. Merckens, CFP

When we think of today’s entrepreneurs, young technology developers like Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, or Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google, often come to mind. But while fresh-faced tech innovators may dominate the headlines, another crop of businesspeople is proving that it’s never too late to forge an entrepreneurial path.

Over the past decade, Americans ages 55–64 have been at the head of the startup pack, launching more businesses than any other demographic. Armed with knowledge, skills, and professional networks cultivated in their previous careers, this new wave of baby boomer entrepreneurs is showing that they have what it takes to launch successful businesses later in life.

Why the business boom among older Americans?For many older entrepreneurs, retirement offers an opportunity to pursue lifelong passions and interests. After working in more structured environments for years, some boomers are attracted to the flexible lifestyle and supplemental income that running their own businesses can provide. And some are going into business for themselves out of necessity, having been laid off or fearing for their future prospects.

Of course, entrepreneurship has both its benefits and potential pitfalls. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, half of new businesses fail within the first five years. The good news for older entrepreneurs is that they’re often better equipped than their younger counterparts to withstand the stress and hardships of business ownership. On the other hand, since they tend to have higher living expenses, greater family obligations, and less time to recover from failure, older entrepreneurs may also face greater risks.

Is entrepreneurship for you?
If you or someone you know is thinking about embarking on an encore career as an entrepreneur, it’s important to weigh every aspect of the decision. As you evaluate this major life change, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Maximize your skills. Starting a business in your area of expertise will allow you to capitalize on your existing network and experience, increasing your chances of success.
  • Do what you love. Business ownership is hard work, so it’s essential to be excited about the product or service you plan to offer. If you’re 100-percent passionate about your business, you’ll be better able to deal with obstacles and remain energized when the going gets tough.
  • Conduct a self-assessment. Before moving forward with your business idea, be sure to gauge your risk tolerance. Looking back on your career, were you a risk taker? Do you consider yourself competitive and enjoy making decisions? Do you have the same drive that you did when you first started working? Be honest with yourself about how much risk you’re willing to take on and your level of motivation.
  • Test the waters. Worried about launching a business and then realizing it was a bad decision? Before investing money or leaving another job, try out the idea in your spare time. For example, if you want to open a restaurant, take a part-time job in a café to see if you like it as much as you think. If you’re diving into an industry in which you don’t have much experience, learn all you can by attending conferences and training sessions. Finding a mentor can also help you determine whether you’re cut out for business ownership.
  • Select the right business model. Franchises, sole proprietorships, and home-based or online businesses are often a great fit for older entrepreneurs because they’re less expensive to start and offer more flexibility.
  • Take advantage of your resources. It’s wise to work with your financial planner to estimate startup costs, tax changes, and how business ownership will affect your overall financial situation. For loan assistance, consider the following resources:
    • The U.S. Small Business Administration, www.sba.gov, helps facilitate loans with third-party lenders.
    • Biz2Credit.com, BoeFly.com, and Lendio.com pair small businesses with banks and credit unions that will lend to startup companies.

Pursuing a new business venture later in life can be risky, but it also presents the opportunity for great personal and financial reward. No matter your age, careful planning and the advice of a knowledgeable financial advisor can help pave the way to small business success.

Call Jonathan today for a business or retirement consultation. 440.638.4757

Jonathan S Merckens is a financial planner practicing at 11925 Pearl Rd., Ste. 403, Strongsville, OH 44136. He offers securities and advisory services as a registered representative and investment adviser representative of Commonwealth Financial Network, a remember firm of FINRA/SIPC and Registered Investment Adviser.

Contact him at (440)638.4757 or Jonathan@GrahamAssoc.com