Preserving the Art and Precise Science of the Apothecary

Do you want to know why people come to Clinical Apothecaries from all over the state? Aren’t you curious about what we actually do as clinical pharmacists and how we do it? The answer is very simple, we are all about helping YOU get better! Everything we do is about helping YOU significantly improve your medical issue or eliminating it all together. How do we make it happen? By LISTENING TO YOU, and structuring a sound plan that includes keeping your current physician as a member of the team.

Don’t you want to eliminate those hot flashes and night sweats? How about the dryness? Want to sleep better? Why do you flip-flop around in bed at night? Why does your lower back hurt? Why can’t you get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy? Why do you feel stressed even though you shouldn’t be? Why are you losing so much hair? Why are you cold when others are warm? Why isn’t your weight loss program working? Why do your
fingernails have ridges? These are all problems centered on reproductive, thyroid and adrenal imbalances.

WE know the answers to every one of these complaints and it would be an honor if you would let us help you.
Everything we compound is based on a formula agreed upon by your doctor, nurse or physician assistant and our clinical pharmacists. It’s a special formula customized to your needs. And if we don’t get the expected results, we will work with your prescriber to change or adjust the formula until the expected outcomes are achieved.
Clinical Apothecaries is a very unique type of pharmacy practice. We use the ancient art of pharmaceutical compounding coupled with today’s science and technology. Long before the manufacturing of one-size-fits all medications, there were compounding pharmacists and apothecaries. Being the chemists that they were, pharmacists would combine ingredients to create patient specific medications. As drugs began to be mass manufactured and commercially available, the pharmacist’s roll as a chemist became merely a dispenser of medications. I’d like to share a quote with you from a gentleman who is considered to be the Father of American Pharmacy. “Pharmacy may be de‚fined to be the art of preparing and dispensing medicines, and embodies the knowledge and skill requisite to carry them out in practice. But if the preparation of medicines is taken from the apothecary and he becomes merely a dispenser of them, his business
is shorn of half its dignity and importance, and he relapses into a simple
shopkeeper.” William Proctor, Jr. (1817-1874)
We have an amazing staff here at Clinical Apothecaries and we continuously strive to be a 5-Star pharmacy practice. We already have great relationships with many medical practices in the Medina County area but we are always seeking to partner with other health practitioners who share this medical team practice model. If you are a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical professional who is interested in learning additional and unique ways to help your clients, please contact us. We have the ability to offer you non-biased seminars for medical continuing education (CME Credits) in this area of practice. Call for our 2013 schedule of events.
Compounded medicines offer innovative solutions to rare, unusual, bothersome and hard to treat health problems. Clinical Apothecaries is a local small business that is available to offer unique options to providers and their patients. We are not a mass manufacturer. We work on an individual scale in order to provide personalized and customized products and services. If you are already getting a compounded product made by an out-of-state mail order pharmacy, we would encourage you to transfer your compounded medication to us and give us a try. We are still seeing the effects of what happened with the Massachusetts mail order pharmacy, NECC. That is so sad and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those individuals and their families.
Our clinical pharmacists will work with any medical issue, but our top areas of expertise are in reproductive, thyroid and adrenal hormone issues, pain management without the use of narcotics, childhood issues like ADD/ADHD and autism, scar elimination and wound healing gels,as well as medications for a variety of companion and exotic animals.
We would highly encourage you to schedule your initial appointment in December or early January with our clinical pharmacists, Jeff Potter and Jackie Mallett, and our registered dietician, Marcy Cook, to have a program in place for your New Year’s Resolution. This is the year you will have the right team in place to make it all happen. Again, it would be an honor if you would let us help you accomplish the goals you’ll be setting for this coming year.
If you have any questions, I would encourage you to call our o–ffice for answers. You should also visit our website at to sign up for our monthly newsletter, alerts and special o‹ffers for our valued clients.

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