From Trained to Trainer

Five years ago, Andrew Durr was turning on his metronome for another session of brain training at LearningRx to bolster his cognitive skills and help prepare him for college.

Andrew is now a LearningRx trainer.

As a junior in high school, Andrew’s grade point average was good enough to get by, but he acknowledges that it was his personality that helped him: “My teachers liked me and they would give me some leeway. When I needed extra time, they gave it to me.”

When it came to standardized testing, Andrew couldn’t rely on his personality. “I was so slow,” he says. “The first part of the test would be meticulous. Then I would become distracted and rush to fi nish.” While hisGPA and extra-curricular activities qualified him for acceptance into college, his ACT score was not suffi cient to get into the school of his choice.

Andrew’s aunt, a trainer at LearningRx, told him and his parents about the brain training programs that were helping individuals improve their ability to focus, multi-task, and become profi cient readers. Andrew’s parents enrolled him in ReadRx, the 24-week program that includes procedures to strengthen all the cognitive skills that are foundational to learning as well as the intensive auditory processing and sound-to-code reading component.
Andrew recalls that his ability to solve problems was one of his first noticeable improvements. At the end of his training, his Woodcock-Johnson III® Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Achievement showed an increase in his General Intelligence Ability of 14 points.

On the Final Customer Satisfaction Survey, Andrew’s parents indicated “significant improvements in our son after this program, in skills and confidence,” giving the highest rating of customer satisfaction, a rating consistently received by the Akron/Bath LearningRx center.

After training at LearningRx, Andrew took the ACT a second time. His composite score increased by 4 points—enough to qualify him for admission to Elon University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

LearningRx Akron/Bath owner Chris Schroeder says candidates for the position of trainer must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and pass a processing speed test before embarking on the 30-hour certifi cation process. “Andrew’s processing speed more than qualifies him to join our staff of certified, advanced, and master trainers,” Chris affirms.

LearningRx is the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world. LearningRx specializes in taking the latest in brain science and applying it to help kids and adults get faster, smarter brains.

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