Staying Productive During the Summer Months

By Diane Helbig

School is out and the vacations are scheduled. For some reason, businesses tend to slack off some during the summer. I’m not quite sure why this is but I am sure that it can negatively impact your business. Unless you are a teacher, your business is operating 12 months out of the year.

So, how do you stay motivated and productive during these few months?

1. Schedule
One of the key elements of productivity is maintaining a schedule. Using your calendar, set appointments for the activities you need and want to accomplish. Treat these activities as if they were sales appointments. You wouldn’t miss one of those, would you?

The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to try to keep the same sort of structure and schedule that you use during the winter months. After all, business is business regardless of the season.

2. Goal Set
The summer is technically a quarter of your business year. And as such, you can goal set for that quarter the same way you would any other quarter in your business. What do you want to achieve?

Understanding that other business people may not have the same productivity goals that you do, you can set goals around things other than revenue if you so choose. I do believe that revenue goals should be at the top of every goal list. I’m just suggesting that this is a great time to accomplish some other things you may have been unable to get to in the past.

Examples include creating new marketing materials, launching a new product or service, cleaning up or implementing a filing system, hiring, and training.

3. Partner
Establish an accountability relationship with a colleague. “Reporting” to someone on a weekly basis can help you stay focused and productive. And it can help them as well! The added benefit of this is that you can get some good ideas from an outside voice, ideas that you can implement in your business.

There’s no down side to soliciting the help of a business friend to help you stay on course.

Think back to summers past. Did you take some time off without actually going anywhere? In other words, did you slow down, lose momentum, shift your energy to the nonbusiness side of your life? Okay. Now, if you could grow your business by adding in some structure and goals this summer, would it be worth it? Absolutely! Imagine how much better your business can be heading into the Fall and Winter just by deciding to stay productive during the Summer months.

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