Why Choose a Midwife?

By Susan Hudson, MSN, CNM, Owner of Wellspring

Midwifery as practiced by certifi ed nurse-midwives (CNMs®) encompasses a full range of primary health care services for women from adolescence beyond menopause. These services include primary care, gynecologic and family planning services, preconception care, care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, and care of the normal newborn during the first 28 days of life. Midwives provide initial and ongoing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

CNMs are educated in two disciplines: midwifery and nursing. They earn graduate degrees, complete a midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME), and pass a national certifi cation examination administered by the American Midwifery Certifi cation Board (AMCB) to receive the professional designation of CNM.

For Pregnancy:
1. CNMs have low rates of Cesarean Sections.
2. CNMs have high rates of successful VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).
3. CNMs are highly skilled in labor support and non-pharmacological comfort measures.
4. CNMs may also offer pain medication in labor, including epidurals.
5. CNMs work toward creating a safe and satisfying birth experience for women, with minimal intervention unless it is medically necessary.
6. CNMs offer holistic, family-centered care.

For Gynecologic Care:
7. CNMs can diagnose and treat many common health care problems including vaginal infections.
8. CNMs are knowledgeable about birth control methods and can help women find the best method for them.
9. CNMs focus on patient education and spend time during each visit to provide information and allow time to answer questions.
10. CNMs consider the patient as partner-in-care and provide
individualized, patient
centered care.

Why Choose Wellspring?
At WellSPRing, we believe that everyone has a right to safe, satisfying care
with respect for human dignity and cultural variations. We support each woman’s right to self-determination, to complete information, and to active participation in her health care. We believe that the normal processes of pregnancy and birth can be enhanced through education, support and advocacy. We believe that clients are partners in their care, be it obstetrical or gynecologic.

At WellSPRing, you will learn about how to prepare for your birth, about the natural history of labor, and about the strength of the human spirit. You will be encouraged to trust your instincts and use them to enhance your care. You will be taught the value of gentle, family centered birth options.

At WellSPRing, we also provide a wide scope of services beyond prenatal care and childbirth. We offer well woman care throughout the lifespan. We can provide contraceptive counseling, annual exams and Pap smears, gynecological exams and treatment, menopause and perimenopause counseling, and sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment. In addition, we love to help women do whatever is possible to protect their health futures.

At WellSPRing, we often refer to other providers for care. Your condition may be enhanced by the skills of a massotherapist, a chiropractor, a medical doctor, an acupuncturist, a naturopathic doctor, a homeopathic doctor, or any of many other varieties of provider. We strive to be knowledgeable about our colleague providers so that we are better able to direct you to the one(s) that fi t your need when your need is out of our scope.

At WellSPRing, we keep on dreaming. We have, in our plans, a women’s resource center as well as a birth center. Did you know that while in 2010, 95% of midwife attended births were in a hospital setting, almost 3% were in a birth center? This is an exciting part of the future of WellSPRing; one that we are continuously driving toward. You can anticipate hearing more about these projects by the end of this year!

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