A Salon with Philosophy of a Natural Approach to Beauty

Presented By Linda Machalicek,
Owner of Dolce Organic Salon

Strong fumes from hair and nail products are the staple scent of most salons. But if you are looking for a more natural approach, look no further. Dolce Organic Salon offers toxic-free, natural hair coloring, manicures and pedicures for women and men as “the
only salon of its kind in Northeast Ohio.”

Dolce Organic Salon was opened in September 2008 following my life-threatening battle with pancreatic cancer. I developed a genuine interest in new and ancient organic and holistic approaches to beauty during my illness. I do believe that using traditional color and perm for the previous 30+ years had an effect on my health.

I wanted to open a salon that embraced a philosophy of natural approach to beauty. The best thing about our hair color is what we leave out! Now you no longer need to use hair color products that contain ammonia. Organic Color Systems uses a natural, nonammonia
based method to open the hair cuticle for color penetration. It doesn’t give off offensive fumes or damage your hair, as it retains its natural moisture and essential protein balance. This creates beautiful, more natural looking colors that last longer.

The color has no harsh chemical odor, no corrosive damage to hair, less toxin exposure, no scalp or skin staining, true-to-color charts and superior gray coverage. Our perm products contain NO thioglycolates, NO sulfates, NO animal by-products and NO plastics. You will experience no caustic fumes, no burn or itch, no brassing and no damage to your hair with these products. We also carry Simply Organic, a hair care product that contains no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate and does no product testing on animals.

The nail products we use are the fi rst vegan family of DBPformaldehyde and toluene-free nail lacquers. You will experience tranquility when you enter this beautiful, luxurious, odor-free environment.

Just a few benefits from using natural ingredients and removing harsh chemicals.
• No harmful fumes
• No scalp discomfort or staining
• Longer lasting color
• Color that fades on tone
• Superior grey coverage
• Healthier hair
Let yourself go, naturally!

Our salon professionals are dedicated to make you look beautiful. Our products help them to make you feel good about it too. Choose to avoid the toxic chemicals found in many product lines which are harmful. Discover the exceptional performance, superior results, and healthier alternative of product lines with Certified Organic Ingredients.

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