Brain Training is a Smart Idea

To anyone whose child had a tough time in school last year and who isn’t looking forward to more homework sessions that last into the night, Chris Schroeder, M.Ed., owner of LearningRx in Akron, offers this advice: “Call me.”

“I can totally understand the frustration that parents feel when the answers that they’re getting address the problem but don’t offer a solution,” Chris shares. Chris’s son was diagnosed with ADD at an early age and went through twelve years of school on an individual education plan (IEP).

Chris’s personal experience, along with her background in physical and cognitive education, prepared her for the role she would eventually assume. She heard a commercial for LearningRx while driving one day and was struck with the thought that this brain training is what her son would have benefited from. She phoned to learn more, and
nearly ten years later Chris is an award winning business owner who has seen hundreds of families in our area benefit from LearningRx brain training.

LearningRx offers serious brain training for serious results. “LearningRx brain training can be compared to physical therapy for the brain,” Chris explains. “If there is a weakness in one or more cognitive skills (like long-term or short-term memory, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, or processing speed), it will affect an individual’s ability to learn. LearningRx brain training strengthens skills and results in stronger readers and better learners.”

Clients represent every age group. Students and even professionals are currently enrolled in programs that help them perform better in the classroom, on the job, and in their sport. Certified brain trainers are college graduates within the fi elds of psychology, education, social work, and others; several are parents of LearningRx graduates.

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