Get Your “Glow” on for the Holidays! Naturally!

Is it really possible to look 10 years younger painlessly? Wouldn’t it be nice if our outward appearance finally matched our inner youth? With Nerium AD, Age-Defying Night Treatment, the answer to both questions is a resounding, “Yes”!

The Nerium Breakthrough: A Eureka Moment
“We had a eureka moment in our research labs when we stumbled upon what Nerium Oleander could do for the skin.”
~ Dennis Knock,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.

Eureka moments don’t happen in science labs everyday; however, when one does it is extraordinary!

The use of the Nerium Oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years as a remedy for a variety of skin conditions. Scientists from many countries have recently worked to harness the beneficial properties found in this plant.

During advanced research conducted by Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., an accidental discovery was made:

The unique properties of Nerium Oleander provide remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin!

Nerium scientists then developed a breakthrough process to derive the extract from the Nerium Oleander plant. ‘ is patented extraction process of oleander and aloe vera oil yields the NAE-8 Extract which contains powerful antioxidant properties.

The Nerium Difference
Who has the time or the money to buy and apply multiple products each night? NeriumAD is one step and covers all of your skin care concerns with one bottle! Independent third-party clinical trials conducted by ST&T Research have proven that NeriumAD provides an average 30% reduction in the appearance of:
• Fine Lines
• Wrinkles
• Discoloration
• Uneven Skin Texture
• Enlarged Pores
• Aged and Loose Skin

Earth-Friendly, Natural and U.S. Farmed
Nerium International owns the largest U.S.-based commercial farming operation, which allows them to retain control of the entire growing and extraction process from cultivating seedlings through product production. ‘ is insures the quality and consistency of the products offered through their division, Nerium SkinCare. Nerium products are nature based and are free from:
• Genetically Modified Organisms
• Propylene Glycol
• Sulfates
• Gluten
• Mineral Oil
• Dea Phthalates
• Synthetic Fragrance
• Paba
• Synthetic Color

“I have drawers full of products that never did the trick. I am thrilled to clean out that drawer and replace it with one product, NeriumAD. It made improvements to my skin and I am feeling great! Thank you for sharing your product with me.” ~Sophie B., Avon Lake, Ohio

The Nerium Promise
NeriumAD is effective from the first application; and, you will see remarkable results after using this breakthrough product for just 30 days. That’s why I ask my clients for permission to take their before and after pictures. I am so confident that you will see noticeable results, that I ošffer a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee which is backed by Nerium. Ultimately, I know you want results and that is what Nerium delivers!

Who to Contact:
Cleveland West readers can contact Michelle Westover, Independent Brand Partner
Michelle Westover is a mom, an entrepreneur, a lover of fashion, and the teller of great jokes! As an independent brand partner with Nerium International, Michelle enjoys the  nancial independence of owning her own business while creating the life style she wants for her family. With a break through product that can help improve your life, not just your skin, Michelle looks forward to sharing the Nerium experience with you and welcomes you to contact her at

Cleveland East readers can contact Gina Redinger, Independent Brand Partner
Gina Redinger is a mom, entrepreneur, volunteer and has a great Scooby Doo laugh. As an Independent Brand Partner with Nerium International, Gina enjoys the … nancial independence of owning her own business while creating the life style she wants for her family. With a breakthrough product that can help improve your life, not just your skin, Gina looks forward to sharing the Nerium experience with you and welcomes you to contact her at

How to Prevent Chronic Disease and Feel Better as You Age

By Dr. Amanda Weeks

Have you ever thought about the most common ways people die? Morbid, right? Well we can learn something from even the most morbid of things, and the statistics are scary.

The top 3 causes of death in the U.S. are:
• Heart Disease (1 in 4)
• Cancer (1 in 4)
• Chronic Respiratory Disease (1 in 20)
Source: CDC 2010 National Vital Statistics Report

What do these have in common?
They are all chronic diseases and they are ALL preventable. Chronic disease is a disease that is long-lasting and recurrent, and it hasn’t been around forever; in fact, it is a very modern phenomenon that’s quickly outpacing infectious disease worldwide. Why, you ask? Because of our modern diets and modern lifestyles. But how do we prevent these diseases? The good news is ALL chronic disease is preventable and old age doesn’t have to be synonymous with discomfort and disease.

You can prevent chronic disease a number of ways:
1. Eat right –
stay away from vegetable oils, white sugar, white flour, and basically all the industrial waste that is in most processed foods. Eat organic when you can, get to know farmers in your area, and get educated on food.

2. Avoid unnecessary drugs and chemicals – these make our bodies toxic and increase inflammation. If it doesn’t save your life, chances are it’s not necessary.

3. Keep moving – our bodies are meant for movement; when they stop moving, we start dying. Take a walk, go for a swim, and for Pete’s sake, get a chiropractic adjustment.

4. Find a doctor that looks at the whole body – find a doctor who listens to you. One who isn’t going to give you a drug to cover up your symptom, but will instead fi nd the cause and partner with you to fix it.

At Whole Body Health, we are in the business of disease prevention. If you have a health problem that concerns you, or you just plain don’t feel well, please call us so we can help you work through it. In our practice, we employ the best of Medicine, Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Physical Therapy to get you on the road to health.

Whole Body Health is an integrated Medical and Chiropractic clinic offering non-steroidal injections, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling, hormonal balancing, and weight loss services.

Learn more at

“I was Always Told That This Was Just a Cosmetic Problem…”

Robert A. Musson, M.D.
Associate Medical Director, Circulatory Centers of America

“Doctor, my legs ache. They feel heavy and tired at the end of the day. They itch and burn and swell, especially when I’ve been on my feet all day.” Having treated patients with venous insufficiency for more than 20 years, I have heard these same complaints from thousands of patients. In addition to having these symptoms, what so many of these
patients have in common is that they don’t realize that most, if not all, of these symptoms are caused by their varicose and spider veins.

In many cases, they have already turned to their family doctors or other specialists, looking for relief of these symptoms, only to be told that the problem is orthopedic, or neurologic, or in many cases that there is no cure for their symptoms and they just have to put up wit them. Many of these same patients have also sought out treatment for their visible leg veins, only to be told that it is merely a cosmetic problem, not medical, and that insurance won’t cover the treatment.

By the time many of these patients come to see us, they are shocked to find out, first of all, that something CAN be done for the surface veins that they are unhappy about. Secondly, treating these veins will likely bring them a significant degree of relief from the discomfort that bothers them on a daily basis. And finally, the biggest surprise of all is
that the majority of insurance carriers do cover the treatments that are available.
At the Circulatory Centers, we specialize in the treatment of these veins, and today their treatment is easier, safer, and more convenient than it ever has been in the past. We begin with a thorough examination of the legs with ultrasound to evaluate the entire venous system. After this, a combination of endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy, customized to each patient’s individual needs, is used to rid the patients of their troublesome veins and the symptoms that they cause. Both of these procedures are performed in the office with no general anesthesia or down time required.

With the roots of our practice going back to the 1960s, we are one of the most experienced vein centers in the nation, and we have found that the vast majority of patients who come to our offices with these symptoms are able to fi nd the relief they have been seeking for years, along with the cosmetic improvement that they seek.

Many patients also ask about the use of compression stockings and their role in the treatment of vein issues. Some of these patients have been told by their doctors that wearing stockings every day for the rest of their lives is the only treatment for troublesome leg veins, while other doctors don’t suggest them at all. Some suggest calf-high stockings while others prescribe full-length ones. As with the other forms of treatment, the message tends to be somewhat inconsistent.

In fact, stockings are definitely helpful to patients with symptomatic leg veins, although some patients see more benefit from them than others. In many patients, the stockings are found to be uncomfortable and a general nuisance, even if they do resolve symptoms. In general, correctly fitted calf-high stockings are helpful for daily control of symptoms until the veins can be treated definitively as described above. The compression provided by the stockings does improve blood flow in the leg and helps to minimize discomfort and swelling, especially in those that stand on a regular basis.

At the Circulatory Centers, we offer no charge office consultations that can give you more detailed and individualized information about our treatments and can get you started on the way to having legs that feel and look better!

Call 800.342.8918 to schedule a FREE consultation at one of our seven locations today!

How to Stay Motivated: Three Secrets

By DeLores Presley

Motivation is often thought of as random—one day you are motivated and have a burning drive, the next day you are burned out and thoroughly uninspired.
I’m crying foul on that notion.

Motivation is like any other skill. It can and should be developed and trained in such a way that you can learn to rely on it at a moment’s notice.

Here are three secrets to staying motivated:

1. Immerse Yourself.
In order to stay motivated on a daily basis you must immerse yourself in the things, places, people, and resources that inspire you. Examples:
• Great authors have a passion for reading.
• Great athletes are inspired by other athletes both past and present.
• Great musicians are constantly listening to music.
• Great speakers seek out other speakers.

In order to stay motivated, you must consistently be about your muse—training your mind to work efficiently and effectively towards your goals.

2. Slow Down.
The world tells you to go fast, work constantly, and get there now. Too often, you are in perpetual high gear with no thought of slowing down and, yes, “smelling the roses.”

Ways to slow down:
• Take 15 minutes each day and get yourself in a quiet place.
• Breathe.
• Limit your number of daily tasks. Whack your “To Do” list in half!
• Walk. We drive everywhere. Walk once in a while.
• Visit someone in need. A sick loved one. A food pantry. A homeless shelter.

Slowing down a bit allows your body, mind, and spirit to recharge and regenerate the energy needed to stay motivated.

3. Learn to Power Through.
This may seem like the exact opposite of secret #2—it is. The truth of the matter is that sometimes you need to slow down and other times you need to gear up and power through. Just like slowing down, powering through is a tool in the motivation tool belt.

Sometimes burnout is an illusion. In some cases, it is a simple excuse.

The skill needed here is the ability to know when it is time to focus,push, and work through a project or goal.

In these cases, the accomplishments reached when you have decided not to accept the excuse of being tired and powering through are often monumental personal achievements.

Remember, staying motivated is about training yourself in a skill. Use these three secrets in your training.

Stay motivated!

DeLores Pressley, Inspirational Speaker and Confidence Coach, the Founder of The UP (Undeniably Powerful) Woman Network and DeLores Pressley Worldwide. She helps individuals utilize personal power, increase confidence, and live a life of significance. She is the author of EMPOWER!, Oh Yes You Can, Clean Out the Closet of Your Life, and Believe in the Power of You. To book her as a speaker or coach, contact her office at 877.550.1751 or via email at or visit

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