THINK SPRING with Organic Lawn Care

I know it’s hard to think Spring with more snow falling every day but believe it or not it’s right around the corner! When Spring arrives you’ll probably begin to think need to stat thinking about your yard care maintenance. This year, why not get started on an organic approach to lawn care.  Good Nature Organic Lawn Care offers some seminars around Ohio that will help you learn more about organic lawn care and how to take care of your lawn without chemicals.

Upcoming Seminar
March 1, 2014 Water Quality and Healthy Soils  9am-Noon
Location: Village of Silver Lake Hall, 2961 Kent Rd., Silver Lake, OH 44224
• Sign in and registration is from 8:30—9:00 am

A healthy lawn with healthy soil requires less work, time and energy. By feeding your soil instead of your lawn, you’ll have a lush green yard without impacting the water quality of our lakes, rivers and streams. Join Good Nature Organic Lawn Care for this fun, informational workshop to learn:
• Organic lawn care basics and benefits
• Reducing your environmental foot print from your yard
• Common problems and organic remedies
• Why healthy soil makes good sense and cents
• Recruiting others to green your lawn
• Understand organic lawn care through the seasons

Register today to reserve your seat at this free program! Reservations can be made by contacting Denny Stoiber at or call 330.388.3852.
Register today because seats are limited!


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