Health Conscious Salon… Products Free of Dangerous Toxins!

By Linda Machalicek, Dolce Organic Salon

As the owner of Dolcé Organic Salon, my goal is for all clients that visit the salon to feel empowered and improve their quality of life from the inside out. I opened the doors of Dolcé Organic Salon in 2008 following a life threatening battle with pancreatic cancer. I developed a genuine interest in new ancient organic and holistic approaches to beauty and health during my illness. I do believe that using traditional color and perm for the previous 30+ years had an effect on my health.

I have been certified in organic hair color and have advanced training at Vidal Sassoon in Toronto. My passion is to help clients look and feel their best using organic and holistic products while operating a chemical free zone, dynamic salon with upbeat health conscious professional stylists and nail technicians.

Our health conscious salon is concerned with your holistic experience from your head with
organic hair products, to your toes with our new state of the art pedicure chairs. These quiet relaxing chairs and equipment create the jet feel with no water fl owing in pipes; this way, bacteria cannot accumulate. Traditional pipe-in pedicure chairs can lead to unsanitary conditions in your pedicure experience, which can cause infections. Pedicure infections have been a spreading disease due to unsanitary pedicure bowls. This new state of the art chair is a trend that is good for the health and safety of our spa clients. So preparing those feet for warmer weather sandals should not only be a relaxing fun experience, it should be safe.

Another state of the art product we have introduced is the DS Labs System. It is the most
efficient hair-growth stimulating technology available. DS Labs is the most effective system
to preserve hair, avoid shedding, and maintain scalp vitality because it deploys numerous anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, and antihormonal agents. These powerful ingredients work together to oppose follicular dysfunction like no other formula can. Revita also contains key compounds to hydrate, feed, and stimulate hair follicles. Most importantly, is the way these compounds enter the follicle. They travel further down into the hair follicle then time released for 12 to 14 hours, where it’s competitor’s lay on top of the scalp and are only active for 15 minutes.

The signature hair color product we use is OCS (Organic Color System) that also carries the “Certified Organic” seal. It is the world’s only professional, non-diverted, natural and permanent organic hair color that is enriched with nourishing certified organic, gentle natural conditioning agents, antaging antioxidants, rejuvenating amino acids, nourishing vitamins, and soothing natural plant extracts. Organic hair color is 100% free of ammonia, formaldehyde, resorcinol, parabens, thioglycolates, and other dangerous toxins commonly found in permanent hair color.

We have seen over the last five years at Dolcé that many of our clients come from all over due to experiencing health problems and not wanting to introduce any more hair chemicals into their bodies, especially pregnant women. We offer a more natural and organic approach at Dolcé. The best thing about our hair color is what we leave out! Now you no longer need to use products that contain these harmful ingredients that damage
the integrity of the hair…or your feet!

I personally invite you to stop in to our salon
to feel, smell, and see the difference.

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