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By Dr. Robert A. Musson
After working in the fi eld of phlebology, or vein medicine, for the past 20 years, I have seen thousands of patients come through our doors and it still amazes me how often I hear that statement from our patients after treatments.

When patients visit us for the fi rst time, we ask about their reasons for selecting our center. The majority of them pursue treatment because of the way their legs look without understanding how much of their leg discomfort is also attributed to their vein disease. I say “discomfort” and not “pain” because most patients who have venous insufficiency (the underlying medical issue that leads to varicose veins and spider veins) will describe the classic vein symptoms of aching, throbbing, heaviness, and
tiredness in their legs.

We have found in recent years that many patients also complain of swelling, itching, burning, leg cramps, and restlessness of the legs in association with their venous insuffi ciency. Surprisingly, many patients who come to us with those symptoms have already undergone extensive evaluations, sometimes involving specialists, without finding relief of their discomfort.

Leg cramps and restlessness in particular are symptoms that haven’t been associated with varicose veins. However, we have found these to be two of the most common and most annoying symptoms, as they will often occur at night and can be extremely disruptive to sleep. Other conditions can cause muscle cramps and restlessness, but when these symptoms occur at night, venous insufficiency may be the most likely diagnosis.

This can be good news for patients with these symptoms because the treatment of venous insuffi ciency is easier and more effective today with the combination of endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy that we employ at the Circulatory Centers. Both of these procedures are performed in the office with no general anesthesia or down time required. We are one of the most experienced vein centers in the nation and we have found that the vast majority of patients who come to our offices with these symptoms are able to find the relief they have been seeking for years.

In addition to leg discomfort, a significant number of patients come to us for purely cosmetic reasons—they are unhappy about the appearance of the spider veins or varicose veins in their legs.

After undergoing treatment in our centers, most patients are happy with their cosmetic results but discover that their legs feel better as well. Because vein-related symptoms tend to appear gradually over a span of years, often made worse by pregnancies or jobs which require long periods of standing, many patients don’t realize that they have symptoms and assume their legs are “supposed” to feel this way.

Other patients assume that just “because” they are older, leg discomfort is normal. Not so! Many of these patients have underlying vein issues, even if their legs look normal on the surface. A thorough evaluation with ultrasound in our centers is crucial to establishing a diagnosis and beginning treatment that will fi nally bring relief!

At the Circulatory Centers, our free office consultations are the first step in allowing us to help you get the relief you’ve been craving for and to help you love your legs again! Call 800.342.8918 to schedule a FREE consultation at one of our seven locations today!

Dr. Robert A. Musson is a native of Akron, Ohio. After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Akron in 1985, he attended The Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus, Ohio, where he received his M.D. in 1989. He joined Circulatory Centers in 1992, and it was here that he received additional training in the field of Phlebology, or vein care medicine. Dr. Musson is an Active Physician Member of The American College of Phlebology, the principal American professional society in Phlebology. Dr. Musson is also an accomplished author, and he has written an informative book on the subject of varicose veins titled Varicose Veins and Spider Veins: Myths and Realities.

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