Spring Clean Your Business

Spring Clean Your Business

By Diane Helbig
When the weather gets better we tend to Spring clean our homes: open the windows, clean inside and out, and fix whatever broke over the winter. Consider doing the same
thing for your business. It’s a great idea to periodically clear out the cobwebs and dust bunnies to increase your effectiveness and improve your results. Start by taking an inventory. Take a look at your clients, resources, and processes. Are they in alignment with your goals? Are they working well or need some tweaking? Let’s take a look.

Once a year it is helpful to take stock of your current and past clients. Engage in a deep dive assessment of them. How is your relationship? What work are you doing for them? What percentage of your total revenue are they providing to you? How well do you know them?

You may find that you have clients who are not serving you well. They may be taking up a lot of your time without a commensurate return. They may be difficult or demanding. There’s nothing wrong with firing a client or two. It frees you up to pursue the kinds of clients you want to be working with.

Another benefit of taking stock of your current client makeup is to see if there are any people or industries you should be going after. Maybe you got a new client last year and started doing work for them that really energizes you. That can be a great indicator of future prospects to seek.

If you want, you can also review past clients, those you aren’t working with anymore. It may be time to reach out to them to see if they have any current needs. Or it may point to other companies or people you could court.

This includes a lot of possibilities including vendors, referral partners, networking venues, and partners. Brush off the contracts or arrangements you have with your current vendors and take a good look at them. Take a look at your referral partnership and networking venues. Do they still serve your business? Are you getting the best deals and customer service from your current providers? Over time your business changes and therefore, your needs. You should stay on top of how your vendors are meeting the needs of your business as it evolves. It may be time to change where you are showing up or volunteering your time. It may also be the case that your referral arrangements have run their course, or maybe they never created quality referrals for you.

How are you operating your business on a daily basis? Is it effective? Are you maximizing your time and the time of your resources? Take a good look at the HOW of your business and make adjustments as needed. Remember, it’s easy to get into a routine and fail to realize when the routine stops being effective.

If things are not running smoothly or important tasks are not getting done, there are holes in your systems. Now is the time to fix them. In essence, this inventory allows you to clean up your current situation as well as plan for the future. And there’s no time like Spring! So, take some time, get out of your business, and take an inventory of where you are in relation to where you want to be. Make any adjustments you need to make and carry on.

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The Benefifits of Divorce Mediation

The Benefifits of Divorce Mediation

By Attorney Lynn Seifert of Phillips & Mille Co., LPA

As an experienced divorce attorney and a mediator with over nine years of experience in mediating family disputes, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits that Divorce Mediation has for the parties. If you are either considering divorce or are already in the process of a divorce and are concerned about the prospect of a nasty and expensive court battle, mediation is a beneficial alternative.

Mediation is a process for resolving conflict with the assistance of a neutral third party that has been trained to assist the parties towards a mutually agreed upon resolution. The mediator helps the parties in resolving disputes by the identification of the parties’ individual needs and their mutual interests with the promotion of effective communication. Mediation can function not only as a tool for dispute resolution but also as a means of dispute prevention.

In a divorce, the parties meet with a mediator, who works with them to focus on their goals and to discuss options for the division of their property and assets, to address issues of support, and to work out a parenting plan for those that have children. With the assistance of the mediator, the parties focus on the future and how they would like things to be, rather than focusing on the past.

The many benefits of mediation in divorce as opposed to traditional litigation are that it is less stressful on the parties and their children as it is a non-adversarial process which creates less conflict than traditional divorce litigation. The parties are also in control of the process and they make the decisions, not a Judge. Mediation is more flexible and leads to a much faster resolution since you do not have to wait for the court to schedule hearings on a busy docket. Also, mediation is conducted in a more meaningful, productive, and creative way, which leads to a more custom made agreement. Additionally, mediation is much less expensive than a costly court battle.

A mediated divorce agreement usually results in a more positive post-divorce relationship between the parties. There are usually fewer disputes after the divorce when it comes time to interpret and carry out the terms of the agreement. This is because people are much more likely to comply with the terms of a mediated agreement than something that was ordered by the court. Also, mediation can improve parents’ communication skills, which will help them be better co-parents which benefits the children greatly.

If you or anyone you know could use the assistance of a Divorce Mediator, please give me a call at 440.243.2800 and I would be happy to help you through the process in a less stressful and costly manner.

Attorney P. Lynn Seifert received her undergraduate degree from Youngstown State University in 1993 with a major in Psychology and went on to earn her Law Degree from Akron University School of Law in May of 1999. She was admitted to the practice of law in the State of Ohio on November 8, 1999. Lynn has also received additional training and certifications to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem, a Parenting Coordinator, a Family Law Mediator, and in the Collaborative Divorce Process. Lynn focuses her law practice exclusively in the area of Family Law and Special Education Law. Attorney Seifert is a member of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, Family Law Section, the Cleveland Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and the Center for Principled Family Advocacy, currently serving as co-chair for the Mediation Practice Group.

Do I Have TMJ?

By Dr. Scott L. Rose

“There is hope for TMJ and headache sufferers.”

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD or TMJ disorder) occurs when the joint connecting your jaw to your skull, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), becomes misaligned. The TMJ is one of the most complex joints in your body, and it plays a major role in your ability to perform routine tasks such as talking, chewing, and yawning. A healthy jaw joint is one where the muscles, the bone, and teeth are all working in harmony. When there is an issue with any one of the three or a combination thereof, the result often lads to pain and discomfort. For many people this can adversely affect the quality of their life.

The symptoms of TMD can include pain in the jaws, neck and face. There may be clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint itself. Many people experience ringing in the ears and limited jaw movement. Another huge issue is headaches. Most headaches are muscular in nature. Even if the bite is slightly off, this can create all the above symptoms.

Unfortunately today, many headaches and TMJ are treated with drugs. While it may temporarily relieve some of the pain, the core issues are not addressed. As a long time headache sufferer myself, I have seen the issue from both sides (patient and doctor). I firmly believe that in order to correctly treat headaches and TMD, you need to evaluate the joint and muscles and bite. So many times I have seen people treated with drugs when all they needed was a splint or neuromuscular dental orthotic. Anytime you can eliminate or decrease the use of medications to treat pain or discomfort it’s a good thing. There are holistic TMJ therapies available that are based in science. There is hope for TMJ and headache sufferers.

Hearing Loss Linked to Diabetes & Other Health Conditions

By Marvin Lewis, Au.D., FAAA, Doctor of Audiology

If you have diabetes, you are probably aware that you should have routine health screenings for your kidneys, eyes, and feet. But did you know that research says you should be monitoring your hearing as well?

In July 2008, the National Institute of Health (NIH) found that individuals with diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing loss as those who don’t have the disease. But many of them don’t even know it. Unlike eye exams, hearing examinations are often overlooked in the routine regimen of care for people with diabetes.

Diabetes can put you at risk of hearing loss because it causes the walls of the cochlea (the hearing organ) thicken and lose nerve cells, which are essential for hearing. In addition, high glucose levels can affect blood vessels and nerves in the inner ear, decreasing the ear’s ability to transmit sound to the brain.

If you are diabetic and noticing you need to ask others to repeat themselves frequently, or are having trouble hearing in restaurants, it’s time to see an audiologist for a complete hearing evaluation. Minimally, a baseline test is recommended to keep your hearing your best. Echo also is encouraging all adults to find out if they’re at risk for developing type 2 diabetes by taking the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Risk Test.

Research shows that hearing loss is frequently associated with other physical, mental, and emotional health conditions and that people who address their hearing loss with aids often experience better quality of life. Eight of 10 hearing aid users say they’re satisfied with the changes that have occurred in their lives specifically due to their hearing aids: they often improve their job performance; enhance their communication skills; increase their earning potential; improve their professional and family relationships; starve off depression; gain an enhanced sense of control their lives; and improve their quality of life.

So let’s get the word out and keep our friends and family members with diabetes in the conversation. Make an appointment today to get your hearing checked. It’s easy and important.

DID YOU KNOW? There is a Link Between a Dirty House and Depression

According to www.clearyourstress.com, “neat is better” for your time, your health, and your peace of mind. If you want to beat depression, a clean and neat house is the best remedy and here’s why:

Researchers have found that women surrounded by too many physical objects in their homes had higher levels of cortisol, often called the stress hormone. Women not only have a direct physical reaction to excess stuff around them, but they also tend to take the blame for the state of their homes. And if the other members of the family have no interest in keeping a neat house, stress levels at home can rise.

The depression cycle can be a hard one to break because clutter leads to depression and being depressed makes it impossible to deal with the mess. The best thing to do is take steps now to eliminate clutter and maintain a clean home.

The good news is that PetalSweet Cleaning can help. If you’re overwhelmed, it’s time to break free! Let us take over the Spring Cleaning and lift the burden! Your health and wellbeing is important. Your family’s health and wellbeing are just as important. Don’t leave it to chance. Let us handle this ongoing task of caring for and keeping your home as clean as possible. You and your family will be healthier and happier – we guarantee it!

PetalSweet Cleaning was founded by Jesica Wilfong, in October of 2012. In 17 months we have grown from only having a vision to serving over 50 re-occurring clients and performing approximately 100 cleanings a month. We have six employees and as we continue to grow we are hiring only the best! Thank you or your support – we couldn’t have done it without you and we are so excited for the future!

What are our plans for the next 3 years? Do we have a long-term vision for the company? Yes! Over the next three years, PetalSweet will establish itself as the cleaning provider of choice in Medina and Summit counties, with continued year after year growth. We will maintain a locally and privately owned atmosphere focusing on customization, high quality and community service. PetalSweet is and will remain as a company where people want to work because of the culture that places value on employees, clients and community.

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