Healthy Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

By Lovie Lewis

What is the difference between LovXurious Hair Clinic and other salons or hair replacement centers? We offer healthy hair attachment systems, while preserving your precious strands of hair in a completely private setting. Hair colors and textures are customized to your liking. Scalp exfoliates are used to cleanse follicles and remove DHT prior to hair replacement services. Men’s hair replacement services are offered as well. Measurements and molds of the scalp are collected for complete customization. Cranial prosthetics can be made for all medically necessary clients. Most important is our private, professional, compassionate service to those suffering from any form of hair loss.

Seasoned with over 20 years’ experience in the hair care industry as a managing cosmetologist in the greater Cleveland area and a licensed instructor, I had opportunities to educate others on my creative hair extension techniques. Trends began to change requiring more tension on the hair. Significant changes in diet, stress, and health issues may all play a part in a person’s hair loss. Seeing many people with this condition, I wanted to help those who thought there was no other way than a basic commercial wig! So began my journey of learning medical hair replacement, also known as non-surgical hair replacement. I studied at New Concept, Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2003 where I mastered cranial prosthetic construction.

Soon I’ll be a certified Trichologist! What’s that you say? Well it’s the scientific study of the hair, scalp, and diseases and disorders from a para-medical stand point! This education is helping me to recognize a hair loss problem, refer to a dermatologist as needed, reduce shedding, rejuvenate scalps, reverse hair loss for some, and replace hair when needed. Now offering consultations for any hair addition services.

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