Selling Beliefs Re-Examined

By Ken Guest

Here are some beliefs about what it takes to cultivate a successful sales career beliefs on which many selling strategies are built but don’t hold up under close scrutiny.

Fallacy #1: Persistence and hard work pay off.

There seems to be a belief that the longer and harder you work, the more you are likely to accomplish. Certainly, persistence and hard work pay off in some endeavors. Digging a tunnel comes to mind. If you keep at it, digging straight and true through the darkness, you eventually see daylight and complete your goal. But selling shouldn’t feel like digging around in the darkness…hoping to eventually see some daylight, and if you’re lucky, complete a sale. A friend of mine told me about something her father taught her, what she now calls the Universal Rule of Holes…when you find yourself in one, quit digging. The adage “Work smart, not hard” may be a bit overused, but the message nonetheless rings true.

Fallacy #2: Salespeople must be motivated. Motivation is often regarded as a magic potion.

The thinking seems to be that if enough of it is sprinkled on you, you will be able to accomplish things you were not able to accomplish prior to the anointing. Getting hyped, energized, or excited doesn’t enable you to do something. At best, it encourages you to do it. The energy born of motivational meetings works great until the cord comes unplugged. Then, it takes something bigger and better to get that same level of energy back. Behavior drives your attitude, not the reverse as most might think. To stay “motivated”, even when you are struggling, if you plow through and do the “behaviors” you know you need to in order to be successful, it will drive the attitude and motivation you desire.

Fallacy #3: Salespeople must be skillful handling stalls and objections.

While a prospect may voice an objection or attempt to slow down the process, handling these situations should not be a normal part of business development. Prospects make buying decisions for their reasons, not your reasons. When you take the time to discover the prospect’s reasons and then present your product or service from a perspective that addresses those reasons and only those reasons many of the objections disappear. Stalls and objections tend to revolve around issues that should have been dealt with earlier. If you wait for the “close” to deal with objections, you’ve waited too long.

Perhaps it’s time to examine your own beliefs about the strategies and actions required to be successful. Do those beliefs truly support success? Are the beliefs built on facts? Is there evidence to support them? And, most importantly, are the facts or evidence relevant in today’s business arena? It’s true that nothing changes until you do. And in trying to grow a business, thinking that something shouldn’t change just because it’s “the way we’ve always done it” can be the kiss of business death.

Tell the Grim Reaper to go play someplace else. Embrace change, challenge your belief system, and welcome success!

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Sandler Training

Look Your Best At Any Age

Dr. Stefanie Christian

Timeless Laser and Skin Care is a physician-managed practice and I take great pride in offering unique, individualized care. This isn’t a spa and I am not a plastic surgeon, “middle ground” I like to call it. My clients are women and men who aren’t ready to go under the knife. They’re aware that solutions exist to keep the age monster at bay, but they want a
medical professional to perform the services.

I offer non-invasive laser and light-based therapies for improving skin texture, pigment, tone, and for treating blood vessels on the face and legs. I learned about lasers while studying Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale University. I was immediately fascinated by lasers and loved the physics involved. I used a variety of lasers during my medical career including both ablative lasers (ones that destroy tissue) as well as the non-ablative and minimally-ablative lasers which I currently use. Non-ablative lasers change tissue without destroying it and you have little or no down time.

We also offer treatments like Botox, Radiesse and Juvederm. Dermal fillers are excellent for treating deep folds and passive facial lines—lines that are visible even when the face is at rest. Examples of these lines are those from the nose to the mouth and from the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers also replace lost volume such as in sunken cheeks and thinning lips. Botox therapy eliminates frown lines, crow’s feet, and softens harsh expressions. We have a unique gentle and artistic approach that will give you the results you are looking for.

As an OB-GYN with a deep understanding of hormones and a long-standing interest in nutrition, I believe that radiant skin reflects inner health and requires delving into lifestyle choices, your diet, and skincare products. I want patients to
understand as much as possible about what causes their skin challenges and what the alternatives are for treating those challenges. This holistic assessment will deliver an approach specific to your skin care needs.

We are a holistic practice devoted to helping men and women look their best at any age. I’m honest with my patients; I will never try to talk you into a treatment that I don’t think is appropriate. “The middle ground,” that is my specialty.

Now is the time to learn about the individualized treatments that can assist you in reaching your skin care goals. Please call us today at 440.779.1000 to schedule a consultation and join our family of friends. Looking your best is easier than you think!

Dr. Stefanie Christian is the founder of Timeless Laser and Skin Care. She transitioned to an exclusively skin care practice in 2006 after spending more than 14 years in academic, group, and then private practice as an OB/GYN. Dr. Christian first learned about lasers when she studied molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale. She also has a background in nutrition and has studied how lifestyle and diet affect the skin.

Women’s Studies: Why Female Education Matters

With more women than men enrolled in U.S. colleges, Americans might assume the education of girls and women isn’t an issue. But that’s not the case around the world, as more than half the young children out of school around the world are girls. Where are girls denied eduction, why and what are the effects?

Why Aren’t Girls in School?
Some of the common reasons girls either don’t start school or drop out of school include:
• Child marriage and young motherhood
• Trafficking
• Disease
• Sexual violence
• Lack of sanitary facilities

But Things Are Looking Up:

Why It Matters:
Beyond the morality issues, educating women can help boost the economic future of struggling countries.

As female education goes up, a host of societal indicators improve:
• Population growth
• Infant mortality
• Family health
• Educated women will participate more in the labor force and, in turn, contribute to the GDP.
•Children of educated mothers (especially daughters) are more likely to go to school and have higher levels of educational attainment.

“The persistent constraints and deprivations that prevent many of the world’s women from achieving their potential have huge consequences for individuals, families, communities and nations. Expanding women’s ability to make decisions and take advantage of opportunities is critical to improving their lives as well as the world we all share.”
~ World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim


The above information have been provided for general information purposes. Visit for more great information and statistics.

Planet Aid—For the Environment, For People

We all have stuff in our closets that we no longer wear. It could be that shoulder-padded outfit from back in the day, those impulse-buy heels you can’t seem to find an occasion for, or that holey t-shirt you still keep around. You don’t need them in your wardrobe and it is difficult to find another use for them.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to donate and recycle these items. Planet Aid collects unwanted clothes and shoes in their signature yellow bins, conveniently located at local gas stations, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and many more locations all over Ohio. Dropping off a bag of old clothes gives the contents a new life and keeps recyclable materials out of landfills.

Most of your gently-worn donated clothing ends up in developing countries overseas in the hands of those less fortunate. Even garments that are a little more worn can be donated provided that they’re laundered first; they too will be re-purposed into things like wiping rags, insulation, or furniture padding. Proceeds from donated items go toward sustainable development programs here locally as well as abroad, so every tax-deductible donation to Planet Aid helps fund a diverse array of projects, from sponsoring a local baseball team in Cleveland, to a Child Aid in Brazil, Teacher Training in Mozambique, Microfinance for women in India, or a church ministry in Parma.

Planet Aid partners with the local community through schools, religious institutions, sports teams, and other organizations to promote charitable clothes recycling and support local causes. Learn more about how to host a clothing drive fundraiser, place a bin on your property, or schedule a bulk-clothing pickup by contacting Planet Aid at 440-542-1171.

There are 2,000 yellow Planet Aid bins conveniently located throughout 22 counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Find one close to you, and learn more about the work Planet Aid does here and abroad, by visiting their website: