Planet Aid—For the Environment, For People

We all have stuff in our closets that we no longer wear. It could be that shoulder-padded outfit from back in the day, those impulse-buy heels you can’t seem to find an occasion for, or that holey t-shirt you still keep around. You don’t need them in your wardrobe and it is difficult to find another use for them.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to donate and recycle these items. Planet Aid collects unwanted clothes and shoes in their signature yellow bins, conveniently located at local gas stations, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and many more locations all over Ohio. Dropping off a bag of old clothes gives the contents a new life and keeps recyclable materials out of landfills.

Most of your gently-worn donated clothing ends up in developing countries overseas in the hands of those less fortunate. Even garments that are a little more worn can be donated provided that they’re laundered first; they too will be re-purposed into things like wiping rags, insulation, or furniture padding. Proceeds from donated items go toward sustainable development programs here locally as well as abroad, so every tax-deductible donation to Planet Aid helps fund a diverse array of projects, from sponsoring a local baseball team in Cleveland, to a Child Aid in Brazil, Teacher Training in Mozambique, Microfinance for women in India, or a church ministry in Parma.

Planet Aid partners with the local community through schools, religious institutions, sports teams, and other organizations to promote charitable clothes recycling and support local causes. Learn more about how to host a clothing drive fundraiser, place a bin on your property, or schedule a bulk-clothing pickup by contacting Planet Aid at 440-542-1171.

There are 2,000 yellow Planet Aid bins conveniently located throughout 22 counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Find one close to you, and learn more about the work Planet Aid does here and abroad, by visiting their website:

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