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Q: When Should I Start To Save For Retirement? Are You Putting Off Contributing to Your IRA?
A: You may want to think twice, because when it comes to your retirement account, contributing “early” may be better in more ways than one. Compounding can potentially be a powerful tool in pursuing your retirement goals. Depending on your time horizon, IRA funds may be accumulated for years or even decades. Consider the following hypothetical situation: An investor receives a sum of $10,000 from an inheritance. Knowing that she needs to begin saving for her retirement, she decides to contribute the entire amount to an investment vehicle with a modest 5 percent annual return. During the first year, she earns $500 on that investment, which increases her funds to $10,500.00. The second year, the
interest is accumulated not only on the $10,000, but also on the $500 earned in the prior year; bring the investor’s funds up to $11,025. This process would continue for the remainder of the time that the funds stay invested.* The longer money is left in the account, the faster it may begin to grow.
Also important, but often overlooked, is the beneficial nature of making annual IRA contributions prior to April 15. With today’s technology, monthly contributions into your IRA should be easy to set up. By contributing earlier, your IRA may potentially grow even faster, due to compounding. For more information on how the power of compounding can help you pursue your retirement goals, contact me today at (440) 250-1630.

Katherine Carp is a Financial Advisor with Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated member SIPC and New York Stock Exchange. *This is a hypothetical illustration only and does not re€ ect actual performance of any particular investment. Stifel does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or tax advisor regarding your particular situation.

Q: Difference Between the “Perfect Weight” and Reaching Our “Happy Weight”
A: Our perfect weight is often a number that is too low and too difficult to reach and maintain. Our happy weight is the weight that is reasonable and will allow us to be healthy, but experience celebrations and treats in moderation. Here are some steps on reaching your “happy weight.”
• 1) Set a clear goal.
• 2) Daily small decisions amount to huge payoœffs. It is the daily discipline
that equals lasting results.
• 3) Don’t go at it alone, this helps with accountability and support.
• 4) Drop the soda, limit your caœffeine, drink WATER!
• 5) Greens are your best friend. Have a variety of them every week in smoothies, in salads, in soups, or just sautéed with garlic and a little olive oil.
5) Track your food. Get Waisted has a wonderful tracker that gives a readout of the antioxidant content of your food.
• 6) Go for real food. If it comes in a can, bag, or package, contains more than three to five
ingredients, and if it has an ingredient that you cannot pronounce, reach for something else!
• 7) Move every day, aim for at least 10,000 steps.
• 8) Be grateful, and fill your mind, your speech, your life with as many positive affirmations as possible.

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