Looking for a NATURAL Approach to YOUR Beauty Regiment?

By Linda Machalicek, Dolcé Organic Salon

Well, you don’t have to look very far. I opened Dolcé Organic Salon in September 2008 after a life-threatening battle with pancreatic cancer. I developed a genuine interest in new and ancient organic and holistic approaches to beauty during my illness.

Dolcé Organic Salon is a new type of salon offering toxin-free, natural hair coloring, manicures and pedicures for women and men and the only salon of its kind in Northeast Ohio. I wanted to open a salon that embraced a philosophy of a natural approach to beauty. The best thing about our hair color is what we leave out; you no longer need to use hair color products that contain ammonia. Organic Color Systems uses a natural, non-ammonia based method to open the hair cuticle for color penetration. It doesn’t give off offensive fumes or damage your hair. The hair retains its natural moisture and essential protein balance. This creates beautiful, more natural looking colors that last longer.

We pride ourselves on being not only healthy and organic, but innovative. So we are INTRODUCING our new product line “Unwash.” The latest rage in hair care right now is cowashing, but what does it actually mean? After years and years of being told that the proper way to achieve clean, healthy hair is by using a shampoo followed by a conditioner, we’ve become accustomed to this two-step method. But what many of us don’t realize is that the majority of shampoos out there contain harsh detergents (sodium lauryl sulfates and sodium chloride) which not only strip the hair of essential oils that protect, moisturize and add shine to hair, but which also can cause a dry scalp, flaking and over time the breakage of strands.

Essentially, it’s just an ongoing cycle of stripping and replenishing. Luckily, we’ve now entered a new era, the era of cowashing and cleansing hair in just one step! The idea of cowashing, which stands for conditioner washing, was derived using the notion that hair should be treated exactly as it was created to the body — as an asset. Hair follicles and strands are not “alive” like the rest of the body and as such need to be nurtured rather than stripped.

Cowashing is cleansing the hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Rather than using detergents, there’s a conditioner-like formula void of any harsh surfactants that can dry out hair. Excess oils and buildup are safely and gently washed away while the cuticle of hair is left undisturbed, unharmed and perfectly intact. I like to call it the “intelligent” approach to ideal hair care.

Schedule or stop in to our Salon to experience our new innovative product “Unwash” and you can discover the best way of cleansing to maintain an overall moisture balance and optimal scalp and beautiful healthy hair.

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There is a Better Way to Divorce

By Barbara K. Roman

The end of a marriage can be as stressful as coping with the death of a loved one. It is a high stakes, life-changing event for all involved. You may be surprised to know there is a better way to divorce where your spouse and his/her attorney do not have to be adversaries and the process does not have to be a battleground. The results can be a “win-win.”

Collaborative divorce is the new solution. It is a team approach that pledges to resolve marital and child-related issues through a respectful and honest process. The Collaborative divorce is an “interest based” approach, which utilizes attorneys, neutral mental health professionals, and financial advisors to arrive at workable solutions for divorcing families. The Collaborative process strives to avoid unobtainable positions, and focuses on sound, reasonable goals and interests for all parties, while minimizing
their fears and concerns. The Family Law attorneys at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis will customize the outcome to each family’s needs.

The skills employed in an “interest based” approach minimize conflict and expense and optimize the chance for a positive outcome for the parties and their children. Divorcing couples with children will need to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of the children and, therefore, it is critical for them to foster positive future interactions.

An example of an “interest based” approach is the following: Wife insists on keeping the house and Husband demands the house be sold. When the parties and their attorneys work together to identify issues and concerns, they realize that Wife wants to retain the house so that their teenage son can graduate from his current high school and Husband wants to sell because he can’t afford the house and all the support obligations. When the group brainstorms options, they realize that they can agree to sell the house and buy a smaller house in the same school district and allow the son to graduate. This satisfies the interests of both parties because it turns out that Husband also wants the son to stay at his current school. This solution would rarely be discussed without a collaborative, interest based approach. The parties have worked out a solution that takes into account their mutual common interest – “win-win.”

People often think they need to “win” in divorce. However, the definition of winning must be redefined! The true objective of the Collaborative divorce is to “win” by moving both clients on to their next best life – one with health, happiness and security.

The attorneys at Meyers, Roman provide experienced, honest and caring advice to provide you with the best possible future.

Commit to Connect

By Diane Helbig

We are heading out of one year and into another. It’s a time when we evaluate how we’ve done, where we’ve been while deciding what we want to accomplish in the year to come.

As we look at our businesses, we should spend some time on where and how we are connecting with our prospects, clients, and colleagues. These methods include events, organizations, and online.

Where are you going? Are you attending networking events? Should you continue to attend the events you participated in this year or is there value in exploring other events? This decision should be based on who the other attendees are, what the programming is, and how well you’ve been able to connect with people at those events. If it isn’t serving your business, it’s probably time to move on.

What are you a member of? Does it elevate your business or your knowledge level? It’s always important to evaluate what you are getting out of the organizations you belong to. Sometimes an organization that was very valuable a year ago ceases to remain of value. That’s okay! And it’s more than okay to cancel your membership to open up time and money to join something else.

Are you a member of a networking group? Are you involved with a trade organization? Do you belong to a small business advocacy and support organization? How about your local chamber of commerce? Where should you belong in 2015? Now is the time to think through this area of your business and make decisions for the coming year.

Where do you participate online and how are you using those platforms to connect? LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other business professionals. You can then use those connections when you are doing your prospecting research. Just remember that you have to continue to build the relationships – on and off line – in order for them to work.

The other thing to consider is where your target audience is participating online. Then you want to make sure you are there sharing valuable information and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

So, take a look back and evaluate who, where, and what you connected with to make a difference in your business. Decide what to keep, what to enhance, and what to add. Commit to connect in ways that have a positive impact on your business and your growth. THIS is the commitment you make to your future. It’s worth it, and it’s important.

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