Harsh Winter Weather — Tips To Restore

The seasons can be harsh on homes, and perhaps no season is more taxing on a home’s exterior than winter. Harsh winter weather can take a toll on roofs, gutters, landscaping, and just about any other part of the home that must face the cold head-on. The following are a few areas of your home that might need some help rebounding from winter now that spring is right around the corner.

Heavy snowfall or significant accumulation of ice over the winter can result in cracked or damaged walkways, driveways and porches. Cracks can be safety hazards or may prove to be entry points into your home for water or critters.

Winter storms may damage trees, which can put a home right in the line of falling limbs or worse. Walk around your property to inspect for tree damage, removing any fallen limbs or cutting down any limbs that appear dead or that might eventually prove a safety hazard. In addition, check the grass for any dead spots that might have fallen victim to winter

Start planning now for late winter or early spring, as it is a great time to get a head start on the gardening season. The following projects can ensure your garden gets off on the right foot to enhance your landscape.

Left to the elements, yards and gardens are often filled with debris once spring arrives. Dead leaves, fallen branches, rocks that surfaced during the winter frost and even garbage that might have blown about in winter winds can all pile up in your yard. Clearing debris is a great first step toward restoring landscape and gardens before the time comes to plant your beautiful, fragrant, colorful plants.

Edge plant and flower beds, but be sure to use a spade with a flat blade or an edger designed to edge flower beds. Such tools will cut deep enough so grass roots that may eventually grow into the flower bed are severed.

Though weeds likely have not survived the winter that does not mean they won’t return once the weather starts to heat up. But as inevitable as weeds may seem, homeowners can take steps to prevent them from turning beautiful gardens into battlegrounds where plants, flowers and vegetables are pitted against unsightly and potentially harmful weeds.
Spring is a good time to apply a pre-emergent weed preventer, which can stop weeds before they grow.

Of course if time is an issue, Greenskeepers is always available to help with your landscaping projects.

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