Summer is around the corner and so is outdoor dining!

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 Outdoor Dining in Medina County

Patio Collage

“Dining out” takes on an entirely new meaning when spring and summer sunshine arrives.

Can you name these patios? All are in Medina County!


Rather than being cooped up inside for meals, diners flock to cafes and restaurants that boast al fresco seating to enjoy a bit of scenery and fresh air with their meals.

When the sun comes out and the breezes are warm, blooming gardens and trellis-covered restaurant patios can be ideal dining spots to grab a meal. Good food combined with a hearty dose of fresh air can make everything from a cappuccino to a hamburger taste better.

Considering the best outdoor-dining spots can fill up quickly, and enjoying a meal outside takes a bit of finesse, follow these tips to make the most of any outdoor-dining experience.

* Make a reservation. Outdoor seating is not always easy to get. To ensure you will have a spot at your favorite restaurant, call ahead and reserve a table. Otherwise, you may have to wait quite a while for a table to become available or be forced to sit inside.

* If you are hoping to try a new restaurant that boasts outdoor dining ask about the layout of the space. Many restaurants, even those without ample outdoor space, cater to the outdoor-seating crowd, even if their outdoor dining area is limited to a handful of cafe tables placed near the curb. Unless you want to spend your meal with pedestrians walking by or inhaling car exhaust fumes, call or visit the restaurant online ahead of time to ensure that the outdoor seating is more amenable to an enjoyable meal.

* Choose restaurants with overhead coverage. It is one thing to want to eat outdoors, and entirely another to be subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature. An outdoor seating area should be comfortable, offering the best blend of fresh air and ample protection from the elements. Umbrellas or a covered patio can provide shelter should it start to drizzle or you need relief from the summer sun.

*  Expect some uninvited guests. Dining outside means bees, flies, birds, and other animals. Those who are deathly afraid of all buzzing insects may want to eat indoors instead.  Enjoy summer dining as it only lasts just a few short months.

Local dining with patios!


Corkscrew Saloon



On Tap Grille

111 Bistro

Girves Brown Derby

Yours Truly

Fireside Restaurant at Rustic Hills Country Club


Tres Potrillos


El Patron

Rose Hill


Panini’s Bar & Grill

Red Onion

The Oaks in Chippewa Lake

The Galaxy in Wadsworth

Granite Grill in York Twp.

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