5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip the Gym During the Summer

By Jeff Tomaszewski, Chief Life Transformer, MaxStrength Fitness

As spring fades and summer begins, many people head outdoors, where they spend time swimming, playing sports, and going for long walks on the beach. Whether it’s on vacation or on weekend getaways with the kids, people are generally much more active during the summer months, which is good for both the heart and spirit.

While all of this activity has its health benefits, it doesn’t replace the many benefits of strength training. During the summer months, gyms are vacated while people head outdoors for exercise, but it’s just as important as ever to lift and tone during the warm months as the cold. Here are five reasons you should make the gym a part of your daily routine even through the warm months.

1. Muscle Burns Fat, Even While Resting
While cardio burns calories, a body’s metabolism has a large role in how food is converted to energy. Those who are larger or have a higher degree of muscle mass burn calories even when they’re at rest.  As a person ages, metabolism naturally slows down, leading to gradual weight gain. Muscle is a great way to counterbalance the body’s natural slowdown and the earlier a person starts, the easier it will be to maintain that muscle over time.

Important Note: long duration cardio does not increase metabolism; in fact, it can lower it!

2. Building Muscle Staves Off Bone Loss
As a person grows older, bone loss is inevitable, especially for women after menopause. This can lead bones to break more easily, feelings of fatigue and weakness, and reduced tolerance to physical activity. Weight-bearing exercises strengthen bones, helping minimize natural bone loss, and reducing the risk of injury. When a person lifts weights, it also builds strength and balance, which can help prevent falls. (Our program originated out of an ‘80’s osteoporosis study at the University of Florida medical school.)

3. Muscle Toning Improves Balance
Balance has benefits beyond preventing injury. It comes into play no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s carrying groceries or climbing a set of stairs. Through strength training, you can more easily accomplish these tasks even as you get older. Muscle toning also improves endurance during athletic activities, which will help you during those games of beach volleyball.

4. Prevent Diseases
Strength training has been shown to provide a number of health benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. By continuing your strength training year round, you’ll continue to reap the rewards of the hard work you put in during the cold winter months. A Tufts University study found that participants in a strength training program were able to see a marked reduction in arthritis pain. In fact, the study found that the end result was better than that received from medications. Strength training can also improve a person’s mental health, reducing depression and improving sleep quality.

5.  You’ll Look Great in a Bathing Suit
As important as all of the other benefits are, one of the biggest benefits to continue strength training in the summer is also the most superficial. You work hard all winter and spring to look great, so why slack off during the summer months? As the weather heats up, you’ll likely be wearing shorts, short-sleeved and sleeveless tops, and bathing suits. Continued time at the gym means your muscles will stay toned so that you can look great as you reveal more of your body than you have all year. You’ll impress friends and family at gatherings with your washboard abs and toned thighs and, as much as we don’t like to admit it, that’s what it’s all about.

Gyms tend to empty out at the time of year when it’s most important to continue a workout regime. By maintaining your regular fitness schedule, you’ll be able to continue to meet your fitness goals while remaining in top shape for all of the exciting summer activities you’ll be invited to enjoy. If you haven’t yet started a strength training program and would like to reap all of the benefits above by only spending 20 minutes twice a week, go to www.maxstrengthfitness.com or call us at 440.835.9090 to request your Free initial consultation and demo workout Today!

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Captivating the Square – One Pizza at a Time!

Food Talks Blog | Sponsored by The Women's Journal

Courthouse Pizzeria

Pizza Collage

The scent of pizza is an aroma most people could describe with their eyes closed; mozzarella melting, tomato sauce simmering and pepperoni sizzling.



Jeff Miller owner of the Courthouse Pizzeria on Medina’s Historic Public Square intends to permeate the Square with the compelling smell of pizza.

Jeff believes the Square is missing something; pizza.  Jeff has thirty years in food service, eight of those at Damon’s.  He wants to bring his own craft pizza sauce and dough to Medina.  Jeff will locally source many of the ingredients for his New York style pizza from local Farm Markets.  I anticipate Jeff will keep our local farmers busy with the 120 pizza’s he plans on serving daily by the slice or a whole pie.

The former Whitey’s Army & Navy store is being restored and renewed to make way for a mammoth pizza oven, stainless steel walls and a gigantic P660 dough mixer from Dayton.  A vintage brick wall is being unexposed and will feature black & white photos of vendors, our historic Square, and horse and buggy pictures.  Old school lockers will adorn another wall for employees to use.

Jeff wants the Pzzeria to have a ‘communal atmosphere’ and plans on giving back to the community by raising funds to help our local nonprofits.  The pizzeria will have 38 seats inside with high-tops looking out onto the Square and a few cast-iron two-tops on W. Liberty St.

Jeff’s excitement for his hometown of Medina and the Courthouse pizzeria is contagious.   His pizza recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next dating back to a small town in the Italian countryside.  The recipes have been modified adding a touch of New York but keeping the Ohio influence.  Jeff has set goals that made me weary just listening; a second Pizzeria in six months and thirty more within 10 years.  Look for the captivating aroma of pizza on the Square in late June!

Courthouse Pizzeria – 2 Public Square Medina, Ohio  44256




5 New Sales Prospecting Rules to Live By in the Social Selling Era

By Ken Guest
The explosion of social media has created lots of new opportunities for your company when it comes to sales prospecting. Utilizing the tools available to you can expand your business and be a source of continuous lead generation. Or it can cause a very embarrassing publicity nightmare. Here are five rules you should follow to cash in on social media opportunities and become a successful sales professional:

Rule #1: Never Miss A Chance To Connect and Inform.
Social media is not a replacement for active cold calling, but your pages can work in conjunction with this method to reach more people. If you are not reaching out to people on social media and finding out if your product is a good fit for their needs, you are missing key opportunities.  while you may want to adjust your pitch to become more of a conversation on social media, you should be using it for the same purpose as cold calling: See if their problems match your solutions. Simply reaching out to potential leads on social media and starting a conversation will give you a better idea of if your product will fit their business needs.

Rule #2: Let The Data Work For You.
Use social media for data mining. By using your pages for sales prospecting, you gain valuable insights into customer demographics. Social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are great tools for lead generation. This is the over-sharing era, and sales professionals can use this to their advantage. There are filters available for social media sites that will narrow your audience according to age, gender, and many other categories. This gives you the ability to focus more closely on your clients and target customers more specifically.

Rule #3: Research Competitors to Learn Weaknesses and Gain Insights on How You Can Improve Customer Experiences.
Many customers take to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to provide feedback on their user experience. If you are not looking at your competitor’s social media pages on a regular basis, you are missing out on learning their business weaknesses. And by having an understanding of those weaknesses, you are able to highlight your strengths and meet needs that the competitors can’t.

Rule #4: Get Involved In The Process!
Social media gives your business the ability to have open conversations with customers and address any potential issues. These sites are a two-way informational street, and while many businesses may focus on churning out more and more content, you need to be ready to talk openly with your clients. You need to listen to what your customers have to say about you. Having an open conversation with customers through social media is a great way to humanize your business.

Rule #5: Don’t Leave Out The Call To Action!
Prospects need to learn the next steps in the purchase process. Without giving them a call to action, they won’t know what to do with the information you have provided. Make sure you have step-by-step information available that is easy to identify. If potential clients are in any way confused by your social media sites, it will most likely mean they will look in other places for answers. And that could be leading them directly to your competitors.Social media is a great device for sales professionals to utilize, but doing it improperly can be a waste of valuable selling time. Using the traditional tools in conjunction with social media. If you follow these tips to improve your navigation and use of these valuable tools, it will lead to so many more opportunities for you.If you are interested in learning more about Ken Guest, the Ruby Group and Sandler Training and the programs or training offerings available, please contact Ken Guest at 330.421.7347.

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My Hubby has a New Grill!

Food Talks Blog | Sponsored by The Women's Journal

 My hubby has a new grill!


I bought my hubby a new grill for his birthday along with all the trimmings. Of course, we are having ‘discussions’ on how to grill and especially how to clean the grill. So I Googled “How to clean your grill during summer party season?’

Grilling season has arrived, and amateur grillmasters everywhere are gearing up for another summer of backyard barbecues and family dinners outside under the summer sun. But once you fire up that grill and cook your first hot dog of the season, your work is not quite done. Cleaning the grill after you have eaten makes it easier to prolong the life of your grill and ensure the foods you eat are safe to consume.

  • Turn the grill off. Unless you own a charcoal grill, chances are your grill has dials that govern how hot the grill gets when cooking. Make sure these dials are turned to the off position before you start cleaning. If your’s is a gas grill, disconnect the gas while wearing gloves to reduce your risk of accident or injury.
  • Use the residual heat to make cleaning easier. The sooner you start cleaning the grill after you cook, the easier it might be to make the cooking surfaces sparkle. That’s because the residual heat can make it easier to remove any leftover buildup from barbecue sauce or seasoning that stuck to the grill after you removed yourfood.
  • Use a wire brush to clean the cooking grates. Wire brushes are ideal for cleaning cooking grates. Such brushes can quickly remove grease and foodparticles, saving grill owners the trouble of scrubbing away with traditional sponges. Once the wire brush’s work is done, you can then clean the grill with a soapy sponge.
  • Removefoodthat fell into the well. Food inevitably falls into the well of a grill no matter how skilled a grillmaster might be. If left to fester in the well, such foods can pose a safety risk and promote the growth of bacteria.
  • Clean the remaining areas of the grill. Marinade, sauce or condiments may find their way onto areas of your grill, and if left unattended, such substances can make a grill very dirty over time. Remove these substances after each barbecue to keep your grill looking new through the summer.

I will let you know how many ‘discussions’ we have when we clean our grill next.


“Grumpy” is Hardly the Apt Description for a Congenial & Hard-Working Mother-Daughter Team

kathy & DaniA gentleman named Grumpy (so named by his neighbors) opened a bakery and café in 1996. Now, nearly 20 years later, Grumpy’s Café only sounds gruff. In reality, this growing Tremont institution known for Cleveland “feel good food” and a friendly and accommodating style, has evolved by two women who learned to develop and manage a successful eatery from the ground up.

The learning curve began when single mom, Kathy McKay Owad, started waitressing for Grumpy’s founder, Scott Lindell. A part-time job soon blossomed into a full-time passion as the “old pro” stretched Kathy’s skills in the kitchen. Techniques learned then continue to enhance the know-how of budding cooks on the line at Grumpy’s today: what spices go with fish; how to pair certain foods together; how to reuse left-overs to trim waste; the recipe for meatloaf; a Mexican Lasagna with layers of tortillas, chicken, chorizo sausage, salsa, sour cream, and cheddar cheese (delicious by the way); and more.

When the founder tired of the business, the pupil was ready to take the reins, and in 2002, Kathy bought the business unaware that her “education” had barely begun.

Less than two years into her new venture, a faulty appliance sparked a fire that wiped out the entire operation. A little frightened but undaunted, and with the loving support of the Tremont community who pitched in to throw a fundraiser, Kathy started over with a recipe that was a lot more involved than making Grumpy’s noteworthy Cajun home fries (also delicious).

Relying on the help of a great network of friends, mastering a business plan, maxing out her credit cards, and the guidance of a website, Restaurant-owner.com, an 18 month adventure to transform an empty beauty parlor commenced. And in 2007, Grumpy’s Café was reborn in its current location.

Kathy observes, “We grow at any age.” It’s an adage she put into practice with her three children, for they all have worked and learned at Grumpy’s at some point growing up. Her daughter, Danielle (Dani), took a special interest in the family enterprise.

After graduating from college with a teaching degree, Dani started serving again when the new location opened on W. 14th Street and took on a larger more active role. Since then, she has worked her way up to become General Manager and schooled herself on the finer points of restaurant operations.

Kathy gratefully acknowledges with Dani’s commitment the succession plan to a second generation of ownership is firmly in place. And while the first generation patiently hopes Dani’s siblings (Kristi and Ryan) fit into the Grumpy’s picture later, Kathy has but one word for her chief collaborator: awesome!

Just like the original Grumpy stretching Kathy’s know-how to the point of passion in the kitchen, and later for the business as a whole, the growing pains of the mother-daughter management team is stretching the collaborative relationship between mother and daughter. It’s been a trial by fire with many ups and downs. “Taking things personally just happen because you are related,” notes Kathy, “but we have learned to try our best to separate business and family.”

Dani and her mother have date nights once a month to force themselves to make time for one another off the clock. It works! Their healthy collaboration fuels a warm and friendly atmosphere, the perfect setting for Cleveland “feel good food” that bring customers back again and again.

As Kathy and Dani correctly observe, “When you eat good food, you feel better.” Amen. (Try the Pulled Pork or homemade Black Bean Burger.)

Grumpy’s Café  located at 2621 W. 14th Street, Tremont 216.241.5025  •  www.Grumpys-Cafe.com
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Everything Wonderful! 111 Bistro=Chef Scolaro

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I first met Chef Scolaro at Main Street Medina’s ‘Dine & Bring Wine’ event in May.  It wasn’t the first time though that I heard of Chef Anthony Scolaro. Chef Scolaro created a buzz last summer with his new concept of garnering local financial support in exchange for a fine dining experience. Supporters also received a brick with their name placed on the stunning entry wall.

Bisto CollageChef Scolaro features a seasonally driven menu featuring local ingredients from local suppliers. His philosophy is to support local merchants who offer quality ingredients.  Among the local merchants are Dancing Desserts, Soleil Sol Farm, MorningSide Farm, Yellow House Cheese, Camel Creek Farm, Lucky Penny, Beeler’s Pure Pork, Holiday Sausage, and Scolaro says still more to come.

The Dine & Bring Wine event is hosted by Laura Parnell owner of Cool Beans www.coolbeansmedina.com and Main Street Medina www.mainstreetmedina.com. Chef Scolaro brought new taste sensations to the second Dine & Bring Wine event featuring stewed rabbit(sourced locally) with a bright briny olive sauce with an ancient grain as the backdrop.  Not to overlook the elaborately herbed shrimp appetizer placed so generously on slices of French bread. A very sophisticated creme brulee- infused with ginger and a dollop of fig compote was the final element of an extraordinary meal.

We so enjoyed all the components of this well-honed dining  experience we made plans to have dinner at 111 Bistro with good friends  To our delight the patio awning was installed the day before, so began our summer evening at the Bistro.  I wasn’t familiar with the house white wine – Protocolo Blanco (Spain) a Pale yellow color wine with lemon zest & white floral aromatics. Our wait-staff Mackenzie offered to bring me a sample of the wine.  Although I chose another wine I was impressed that I was able to taste the wine before ordering a glass.  I need to mention the patio wine glasses; a fine lipped plastic that looks like crystal with a finger-print indentation for holding the glass.  I would love to have a set of the glasses for my own patio.

All four of us chose different entrees; scampi and clams with house made linguini, tomato confit, spinach, chili, lemon garlic buerre blanc and celery leaves.  Each item added to the complex flavors that complimented this bowl of pasta.   Summer was in full bloom with the next entrée-Quinoa stir-fry with seasonal vegetables, miso broth, curry roasted peanuts, thai ginger salt and pea tendrils.

The two remaining entrees could have been on a menu in New Orleans; smoked Jerk Chicken with the house made cavatelli, caramelized onion, peppadew, spinach complimented with a jerk cream sauce.  I chose the Saturday night special- a Soft Shell Crab po’boy dusted in a seasoned cornmeal accompanied with the 111 Rosemary Fries with thyme, parmesan and truffle oil.  Each entrée had unique flavor qualities that left me wanting for more.  I will be back!

Being a food enthusiast I enjoyed all of Chef Scolaro’s creative blend of flavor combinations.  Not to neglect the interior of the restaurant 111 Bistro has a polished concrete floor and open-design contemporary dining room that incorporates the bar and kitchen into a great room environment.

One Eleven Bistro is located at 2736 Medina Road, in the new Montville Center Plaza, in Medina. Hours are Tuesday through Thursday, from 3 p.m.-10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, from 3 p.m.-11 p.m.; and Sunday for brunch from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The phone number is 330-952-1122, and the web address is www.111Bistro.com.