Women’s No. 1 Thought is Money More Often Than Men

LOS ANGELES / PRNewswire/ – Women are less scared than men about losing their jobs, according to new survey data from leading personal finance website GOBankingRates.com. In their just released 2015 Life + Money survey, GoBankingRates.com discovered the biggest money challenges and fears men and women have today.

• 1 in 5 people say their biggest money challenge is sticking to a budget.
• Always living paycheck to paycheck is the No. 1 financial fear of Americans today,  followed by living in debt forever.
• 20% of Americans say planning for retirement is their primary financial focus.

“We want to help Americans understand how to process their financial concerns and prioritize goals, especially as it relates to their various life stages,” said Casey Bond, editor-in-chief of GOBankingRates.com. “Our studies show younger generations think differently about money and debt than their parents and grandparents, but the common theme is all types of people need some level of assistance with financial planning. This data offers insights for men and women of all ages that can help them change how they think about money for the better.”

  • Millennials Vs. Boomers*

    • While older millennials’ (25-34) No. 1 daily thought is money, younger millennials (18-24) ponder most about their love lives, and boomers think most about work.
    • Planning for retirement is five times more challenging for baby boomers than it is for young millennials (34% vs. 7%).
    • Baby boomers are almost three times more afraid of never being able to retire than young millennials (24% vs. 9%) and twice as likely to be afraid of having their identity stolen.
    • Young millennials are twice as afraid of always living paycheck to paycheck as baby boomers.

  • Men Vs. Women
    • Women’s No. 1 thought is money more often than men.
    • Men are more afraid than women of losing money in the stock market, losing their jobs and not being able to retire.
    • Women are more fearful of always living paycheck to paycheck than men (25% vs. 18%).
    • Planning for retirement is more of a financial challenge for men than it is for women (20% vs. 17%).

The complete 2015 Life + Money survey findings are presented in whitepaper format as well as an infographic, click here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.25.06 AMRead more here http://www.gobankingrates.com/retirement/2015-life-money-survey-look-americans-biggest-financial-struggles/

* For this survey analysis, young millennials were defined as adults ages 18-24; older millennials were defined as adults ages 25-34; and baby boomers were defined as adults ages 55-64. These are the ranges provided by Google Consumer Surveys.

Canned Vegetable Nutrients Study

Del_Monte_logo Provided by Del Monte

According to the “Canned Vegetable Nutrients Study” released by Del Monte and conducted by Dr. Marjorie Freedman (of San Jose State University) in association with CFA, adults who eat canned produce consume more key nutrients than those who do not – eating 19% more fruit and 17% more vegetables.

And contrary to popular belief, canned fruits and vegetables, like the kind produced by Del Monte, carry similar nutrient profiles to their fresh-cooked and frozen counterparts – and are sometimes even more nutritious (source: Rickman et al. 2007).

This means that there is now a cheaper and easier way to get your recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies, which has been linked to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers, and of course, weight loss.

To make sticking to resolution goals more attainable than ever before, Del Monte has released a series of “Resolution Hacks”:

Traditionally, eating healthy has required a lot of planning and frequent trips to the grocery store. But the “Canned Vegetable Nutrients Study” indicates that these trips are no longer as necessary since canned veggies provide similar benefits to fresh. If you keep your pantry stocked, you’ll be less tempted to order a pizza when your meticulous planning falters.

Giving up all your favorite foods typically isn’t a recipe for success. Instead, try pairing them with a side of vegetables and shift ratios on your plate so that the vegetables take up more room than the more indulgent food. Simple changes like this can get you 7% more dietary fiber and 5% more potassium, both of which are considered concerns for public health due to their severe under-consumption in the US.

Believe it or not, there are clever ways to infuse your favorite comfort foods with more vegetables, making them higher in nutrients and lower in calories. For example, try this recipe for Sneaky Mac and Cheese (http://bit.ly/Sneaky-Mac-and-Cheese).

Here is a link to some more easy recipe ideas to get you started on the path towards a healthier 2016: http://www.delmonte.com/recipes


Forget S.M.A.R.T. Goals—Achieve More in 2016 with D.U.M.B. Goals

By Jeff Tomaszewski, Chief Life Transformer, MaxStrength Fitness

As we approach a New Year many people, including my team and myself, set new goals and they are BIG! If you’ve ever researched how to set a goal, the most common practice is to set S.M.A.R.T. goals—Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. In my search for self-improvement, I stumbled upon D.U.M.B goals and implore you to implement them when you set a goal!

If we think of the most astonishing goals achieved by mankind, putting a man on the moon is at the top of the list. However, this was not considered by many an attainable or realistic goal. Many said it was impossible. Don’t think about the “how”—we can figure that out later. Focus on dreaming big! S.M.A.R.T. goals make us “small minded.”

Many people have lost all grand ambitions for change and greatness by heeding the advice of the “realists” and the standard bearers of the status quo who tell us to set “smart” goals. Martin Luther King surely did not set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Neither did John F. Kennedy. When Christopher Columbus set out on his journey to find new land, it certainly wasn’t a S.M.A.R.T. goal. However, these goals are responsible for igniting the human spirit and innovation.

As a society we are overwhelmed with to do lists, spreadsheets, and projects that inspire no heart, no drive, and no courage. If you truly want to change where you are today, you must move forward and set a goal that motivates you every waking hour. In fact, this goal should scare you a little bit. So this New Year, do yourself and the world a favor and set some D.U.M.B goals:

Dream-driven. Let’s have vision for our lives, not just focus on our tasks. Let’s dream big again and get our heads out of our to-dos. Are the goals we’re setting aligned with our bigger vision for our lives and our contributions? How would you feel if you accomplished this goal? Would it be meaningful and purposeful?

Uplifting. How is it that smart goals have no prerequisite for positivity? Shouldn’t our goals inspire something more than a need to meet a deadline? Let’s set inspiring, positive, joyous, uplifting goals for ourselves. For example, “I want to lose some weight” is deficit driven and negative. How about, “I am going to feel so fit and have so much energy that I attract people and inspire others to take control of their health and fitness!” What is uplifting to you? It should be fun, meaningful, and based on gain.

Method-friendly. If we’re going to take aim at something, let it be something that is friendly to developing practices of mastery. MaxStrength Fitness, martial arts, and common sports all have methods, practices, forms, and habits built around a broader goal and help people move to mastery. If we can’t build a practice around it, then we don’t have a goal, we have a task. For example, two times a week you’re going to go to MaxStrength Fitness. If you want to change the way you eat, then set a method of how you shop or how you structure your meals. If you practice this method, over and over, you have a habit that leads to accomplishing your goal.

Behavior triggered. When we set a goal, we should create a behavioral trigger that reminds us to chase it. For example, if we want to be a better parent, then we can set a behavior trigger to accomplish it, like a rule so that when we pull into the driveway at night our first thought is to take a moment to center ourselves and find a calm and loving space before entering the house. Or, if our goal is to become healthy, the trigger can be that every time we leave MaxStrength Fitness, we drive to the health food store and buy veggies, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. A trigger means if I am already doing A, then I’m going to add behavior B right after in order to habitually move toward my goal; it’s a reminder and an activator.

Doesn’t this all sound a whole lot more inspiring and helpful than “specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound”? Now go out there and dream and make a change that you never thought possible; here’s to a 2016 full of D.U.M.B goals!

About Jeff Tomaszewski
I’m an exercise specialist and a life changer helping men and women achieve their optimal health and fitness goals in only minutes a week even if you’ve tried everything and have failed in the past. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University with undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology, I became a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I honed my skills working at Ohio Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, and then became the Athletic Trainer and a professor at Case. I’ve spent the last 17 years asking, “What’s the least amount of time I can spend exercising and still achieve amazing results?” I’ve been testing and refining the most efficient, effective and safe way to exercise that yields the biggest return on time with regard to our health and fitness. I discovered that it is the quality, more importantly the intensity, of the time spent exercising rather than the quantity of time that truly produces results; thus, the creation of a special program that has helped hundreds of greater Cleveland high achievers just like you transform their lives.

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