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What is Energy Medicine?

Annette hemPresented by Annette M. Hemminger, RN, LMT

Energy Medicine utilizes hands-on techniques that work with out body’s bioelectromagnetic system. Many of our body’s functions are electrical in nature including our nervous system. We can measure that patterns of electrical conduction of our heart, our brain waves, and even our muscles. We know that Energy Medicine like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and other hands-on practices work.

Many studies have been conducted by the National Institute of Health validating their therapeutic impact, especially Reiki. The effects of these touch therapies were measured with bio markers in the blood and saliva. In one study, hemoglobin and hematocrit measurements of the oxygen carrying capacity of blood were significantly elevated after a 20 minute session of Reiki. Patients diagnosed with HIV were taught how to do self-treatment with Reiki and showed measurable improvement in control of pain. Unfortunately we do not have any instrumentation to measure the impact of the hands-on therapy. We just see the positive results, as highlighted above. Interestingly, aspirin was used for over 70 years before science understood how it worked in the body.

I explain energy medicine this way: when I place my hands on a client, my nervous system connects with theirs. I believe they are physically guiding this process and we are just now discovering the depth of the information and memories stored in our bodies. If you would like to experience an Energy Medicine session, please contact our office.

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northcoast wellness logoDawnImproving Your Posture with Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic use of yoga provides tools to build postural awareness, change dysfunctional habits, and improve spinal alignment. A well-trained and experienced yoga therapist can assess postural alignment, identify specific areas of muscular weakness and tightness, and recommend a customized set of home practices to help improve posture and support overall health.

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