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It's Pig Roast Roast Time

It’s Pig Roast Time

It’s Pig Roast Time at The Best of The Chamber – the tastiest member meeting of the year.  Gridirne Cookery showcased their pulled pork with several BBQ sauces all prepared with local fresh ingredients.  The spicy sauce called to me as I asked for burnt pork ends.  A southern thing!  The spicy sauce didn’t obscure the flavor of the pork, just tweaked the overall flavor. Gridirne Cookery was established in 1991 in Medina, by Edward Pfaffel, to meet the demand for high quality, yet affordable barbecues done on location.

Gridirne Cookery does it all; Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Fundraisers, Reunions, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and they do it all year long.  And you can rent their roasters to do it yourself.  It is the ultimate barbecue experience lavishly prepared by Gridirne Cookery .  Call 1 800-880-(PORK) 7675 to schedule an open air feast.




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