Taste Moment

Taste(4)‘The Best Of The Medina Chamber’ event held yesterday at Weymouth Country Club is referred to as the tastiest member meeting all year. Paul & Tara the new owners of Dan’s Dog’s debuted their new Chili Hot Dog Sauce at this member event. The Chili Hot Dog Sauce is made in house using fresh local beef from Beaver Meats in Smithville. Paul was quick to say there are no preservatives and no nitrates in the beef or any of the ingredients. The sauce is slow simmered for 6 hours in their famous in-house root-beer. The sauce is slightly sweet and when smothered over a Dan’s Dog’s was an Oh My moment. Paul is soon adding his version of a Fire House Dog Sauce to the menu. If it is anything like his Chili Hot Dog Sauce we are in for a taste treat! ┬áDan’s Dogs is located just off Medina Public Square.

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