New Site for Women Facing Life After Divorce Is Spreading Positive Message, Building Strong and Encouraging Community

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — “What now?” is a question many women ask during and after a divorce, but there haven’t always been good, practical answers. Chapter2Club (, which bills itself as a “smart woman’s guide to divorce and everything after,” is now ready to provide answers from women who have “been there, done that” and emerged as stronger, wiser versions of themselves. The site’s optimism is embodied in its name; as co-founders Matana LePlae and Mary Beth Leisen, Ph.D., explain, divorce is not only an end; it’s also the beginning of life’s next chapter.

When I went through my divorce five years ago, I was really searching for a site where other women have been through divorce and could guide and encourage me,” says LePlae, “but there was nothing except for blog posts or lawyer sites. I wanted to create something for women that felt like, what if your five best girlfriends have already gone through divorce? They would give you the inside scoop, help you emotionally, share practical advice – all with a kick-ass, you can do it attitude!”

Chapter2Club’s content is organized into topical and thematic areas like “Law and Financial”; The Kids”; “Moving On”; “Soft Skills”; and “Stuff We Love.” The law and financial section covers everything from how to interview and select an attorney to getting back on one’s feet financially after a divorce. In the section on kids, women can get ideas about how to talk about divorce with their children and how to best navigate a co-parenting arrangement, among other things.

A community forum – “The Club” – is where women can ask burning questions, offer practical and proven tips, or simply provide support to those who may be struggling. LePlae and Leisen ask only that members maintain a positive, respectful and helpful mindset.

“Divorce is challenging on so many levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, home, and even identity – and it’s our vision to help women not only move through the process and heal but also to write an amazing next chapter for their own lives.  Women get so much from community and support; it’s one of the main ways we cope with stress.  We want to provide the tools and resources and connect women with each other so that everyone benefits,” co-founder Mary Beth Leisen explains.

As experienced marketing consultants and entrepreneurs LePlae and Leisen have big plans for growing Chapter2Club’s influence. The site will soon be launching podcasts and webinars, along with interviews with professionals, such as therapists, attorneys and financial planners.  Plans are also underway to include live events, classes, meet-ups, workshops, & retreats.

Matana LePlae and Mary Beth Leisen created Chapter2Club as a place where women could get advice and support, share stories and perspectives, and be part of a great community. If Chapter 1 was your marriage, Chapter 2 is what comes after.  This is your story; we’re here to help you write it.

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