Don’t let the holidays leave you overweight, exhausted & stressed!

Oh those days when I would fear the holidays –  the cookies, baked goods, spirits & endless parties…all revolving around food.  How would I ever survive?  Waking up with the dreaded food hangover, guilt & totally “run over” by all the sugar I had consumed from the day before.  I no longer live that way and I choose to never go back to the way I used to feel.  I love my kids & family more than anything and hope to have a long joyous healthy life with them!  My past has made me very passionate about what I do.  Therefore, I want to share my Twelve Tips of Holiday Cheer, that have gotten me where I am today!

  1. Focus on the people – Keep it a social event not a food event.  Spend time with people you haven’t seen since last years party!
  2. Be mindful – Make a plate and eat what is on it.  Don’t graze – the next thing you know you will have eaten enough for two days!
  3. Limit alcohol –  Excessive alcohol leads to irrational decisions – including food choices.  Have one drink, then switch to seltzer water.
  4. Smart food choices – Pick one ingredient foods, raw veggies, salad & meat.  Bring something to share that you know you would want to eat.
  5. Exercise – Don’t skip your workout.  Even if it is short and sweet.  It’ll boost your holiday cheer!
  6. Power Naps – take a quick snooze to recharge!  When I am tired I make bad decisions.  Set your alarm and take a quickie!
  7. Cook – Continue to make & plan healthy meals for yourself.  Being unprepared will leave you reaching for a not so healthy snack.
  8. Be organized – Keep a list and calendar of what you need to accomplish. I like to have my wrapping done by the 15th so I can enjoy the season.  Don’t find yourself frazzled under the tree on Christmas Eve!
  9. Manage Stress –  Stay calm.  Christmas is always on December 25th every year.  I am not sure why I hear about people last minute shopping like it was something new to them! Stress & cortisol impact your brain, weight, immune system, thyroid & GI tract.
  10. Remember your goals  Nothing taste as good as health feels for me.  Once again, I got tired of waking up feeling crappy!  The choice is yours.
  11. Calm mind – Five minutes of calm breathing can reset the body.  Have you ever watched people shopping?  They act like it is there last day to ever shop again.  Stay calm.  I love the holidays and have chosen to enjoy them instead of loathe them!
  12. Remember the Reason for the Season.  What we have in our homes is usually enough.  Be grateful and make it a Christmas that is merry, bright & filled with love!

No more obsessing over the dessert table, a second helping or endless drinks at the cash bar.  The meal is done – enjoy your family & friends, it is that simple. Do you want to wake up feeling energized & vibrant OR sick, gross & unhealthy?  I know what my choice is…what is yours?  It isn’t perfection – I recommend the 80/20 rule:  80% healthy 20% enjoy life.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-8-47-44-amProvided by Dawn McNeil from Integrative Whole Health, LLC
As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Dawn’s passion is to share how making healthier lifestyle changes can heal & restore our bodies.

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