10 Things to Do with a Finnbin Baby Box Once Baby Grows Out

Finnbin is a baby box company inspired by the Kela (Finland social security program) maternity package that grants a kit to all expectant or adoptive parents who live in Finland. Finnbin goal is to make life easier for new parents by helping them prepare for their baby by introducing great brands with quality products and providing babies with a safe place to sleep. They are excited to bring this beloved and age-old Finnish tradition to families throughout the U.S.
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.43.03 AMWhile your baby may only be able to sleep in his or her Finnbin box up to six months, that doesn’t mean you need to ditch the box once your baby graduates to the crib. Here are the top 10 ideas for what you can do with your Finnbin box after the baby moves out of it:

  1. Keepsake box: use it to keep memorable items you’ll always want to remember the early days with your baby. A favorite hat, blankie, or boox. You can add to it as your little one grows up.
  2. Next-size-up clothing: use the box to put the next side up clothes that your little one may not quite fit into yet, but will soon. That way they’ll be organized and easy to access once a growth spurt comes along.
  3. Cleaning supplies: Keep your cleaning supplies, sprays and soaps out of reach for kiddos but placing them in the box and putting in a pantry or on a high shelf. This also makes it easy when you’re in cleaning mode to bring all your supplies in a quick and organized way.
  4. Road trip survival box: If you’re packing up the kids and hitting the road, put all the things they’ll want in the box and make it easy for them to access in the backseat so you can have a little sanity up front.
  5. Art box: as your baby gets bigger and begins to make art, this is a perfect box to collect those one-of-a-kind treasures to keep for a long time.
  6. Important files: The box fits multiple file folders and as your child grows, you’ll accumulate materials along the way (birth certificate, hospital records, school files, etc…). This is a recognizable and large enough space to store all the important docs needed for your child.
  7. Game night: Keep your board games, cards, dice and other game night essentials in the box so not pieces are lost and it’s easy to take down for a fun night of games.
  8. Toy box: Quick! Guests are coming over and you have a hundred mini-race cars all over your living room. Grab your box and use it for quick toy storage that can hide a mess in a matter of minutes.
  9. DIY galore: Crafting is a great activity as your child gets bigger and keeping all those DIY materials in one place will ensure you have a mess-free home! From paper to popsicle sticks to googly-eyes, keep them in your box and know when you take it out, fun lies ahead.
  10. Magazine storage: keep magazines and newsletters in the box to easily access when you have a little downtime (ha!) to catch up on reading. When the magazines start to overflow the boxes that’s when you throw out what’s in there and start over.

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