Calling All Women Tired of Choosing Between Femininity and Success: It’s Time to #FlexYourFemale

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Brains over Blonde, the feminist lifestyle platform set to break out in 2018, is on a mission to get all women to dive deep within their identities and break open the biases they hold against themselves. The #FlexYourFemale movement is all about embracing what it means to be a driven and powerful woman and celebrating the timeless qualities of femininity for what they are: strong, beautiful, and proud.

The #FlexYourFemale movement was coined by Brains over Blonde founder, Anna Wood, a California-based content creator, entrepreneur, and coach. After grappling with her own personal body shame and issues with her weight and shape as a young girl and teen, Wood taught herself how to take control over her body and do whatever made the most important person in her life truly feel good — herself. It didn’t take long before she went on to graduate with an MBA from Stanford and get a coveted job as a sales lead at Google working with major brands like Netflix, J. Crew, and Airbnb.

Having written her undergrad honors thesis on diversity in the workplace and facilitated the Unconscious Bias course at Google, Wood realized her penchant for coaching, entrepreneurship, and embodying what it means to be an independent and powerful woman. Still, in the male-centric business world, she felt challenged to choose between femininity and success. Thus, Brains over Blonde was born, as was Wood’s mission to empower other women to embrace their female qualities rather than suppress them, and to celebrate and proudly broadcast their successes and achievements in the wake of adversity.

#FlexYourFemale is meant to call upon women from all walks of life to challenge preconceived gender roles, celebrate womanhood, and create emboldened change in the workplace and society. As Wood puts it, “Women are powerful, and our strengths aren’t seen or celebrated as often. But that doesn’t mean we should suppress those parts of ourselves.” So, in the wake of the #ImWithHer, #MeToo, and #TimesUp movements and their political and celebrity endorsements, Wood sees #FlexYourFemale as a more personal way for women to praise their own strengths, embrace femininity, and fall in love with womanhood, as she has.

After a successful business career in Silicon Valley, Wood is now a self-described “Female Empoweress” helping other women carve out amazing careers and cultivate fearless lives. As her platform grows and her message spreads, she’s now on a one-woman mission to become a leading resource for as many young women as possible. She wants all women to believe in the direct correlation between femininity and success and to shout it from the rooftops in order to create change by flexing their female. In the coming year, Wood plans on launching the Brains over Blonde podcast and creating a hands-on course to reach and interact with more women from around the world.

The spirit behind #FlexYourFemale is to keep femininity in line with success, and women can encourage each other in this effort by using the hashtag whenever they embody this message. Wood invites all women to join her on this mission to make #FlexYourFemale a worldwide movement. Women everywhere can participate by standing tall and proud and always encouraging and challenging each other.

Whether at the gym, in the workplace, on social media, or in the world of politics, women should no longer have to work harder to justify their gender. The time for femininity is now, and women need to realize that there is a place for them, wherever their passions lie. In doing so, they forge a path for young, aspiring women around them. Wood encourages all women to step into their roles as coaches and mentors by being part of #FlexYourFemale.

Wood can be reached via, @brainsoverblonde on social media, or at, where there are free resources, tools, content, and inspiration to empower you to do it all with sassy, bad-assy career and life advice.

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