Experience New Worlds and Create Memories

When I told my family 13 years ago that I wanted to pursue the travel industry, the big joke was “but you hate to fly?” After a scary incident traveling to Spain in 1991, I swore I would never get on a plane again.

All that changed after my trip to Cambodia in 2002 where we adopted our youngest daughter, Nyah. Originally, I had no intention of making the trip to Cambodia myself because of my fear of flying. However, due to a moratorium on adoptions in Cambodia, I had to make the trip over to try and navigate through the red tape to get her home.

While in Cambodia, I had an epiphany that if I had let my fear of flying overcome me, I would have never experienced my daughter’s birth country. During that time, I knew that my fears were keeping me from something that I had loved doing at one time, which was traveling, experiencing new worlds, and creating memories.

So thus my world of travel began. I gained most of my knowledge working for a host travel agency from the “ground up” learning to work with travel suppliers, tour operators, and visiting destinations. During these 7 years, it prepared me to open up a storefront travel agency in Medina, Red Travel. Here our clients will experience champagne appointments, watch videos and have fun planning their vacation in a tropical type atmosphere. Our strong brand of love of travel, a passionate client focus and a desire to create a WOW vacation experience resonates in the community and with our clients. That is the Red Travel Advantage.

I get asked quite often what is my favorite destination or type of travel. Of course I love destinations like Caribbean and Europe. But I have to say that personally my favorite “type of travel” is River Cruising. Now don’t confuse this with large ocean cruising vessels. Imagine smaller more intimate ships cruising down famous rivers like the Seine or Danube where the staff knows everyone’s name and one cruises through the country instead of around it.   Constant scenery and new experiences will fill your itinerary every single day. We currently work with some fabulous River Cruise companies, including Avalon where their suites are the most unique in the industry. River Cruising is less then one would think as the rate includes so much in the day-to-day itinerary. We get great promotions and sometimes even free or heavily reduced airfare. Contact us at 844-RED-TRAV to schedule your consultation to learn more about the Red Travel Advantage!

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