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It's Pig Roast Roast Time

It’s Pig Roast Time

It’s Pig Roast Time at The Best of The Chamber – the tastiest member meeting of the year.  Gridirne Cookery showcased their pulled pork with several BBQ sauces all prepared with local fresh ingredients.  The spicy sauce called to me as I asked for burnt pork ends.  A southern thing!  The spicy sauce didn’t obscure the flavor of the pork, just tweaked the overall flavor. Gridirne Cookery was established in 1991 in Medina, by Edward Pfaffel, to meet the demand for high quality, yet affordable barbecues done on location.

Gridirne Cookery does it all; Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Fundraisers, Reunions, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and they do it all year long.  And you can rent their roasters to do it yourself.  It is the ultimate barbecue experience lavishly prepared by Gridirne Cookery .  Call 1 800-880-(PORK) 7675 to schedule an open air feast.




Captivating the Square – One Pizza at a Time!

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Courthouse Pizzeria

Pizza Collage

The scent of pizza is an aroma most people could describe with their eyes closed; mozzarella melting, tomato sauce simmering and pepperoni sizzling.



Jeff Miller owner of the Courthouse Pizzeria on Medina’s Historic Public Square intends to permeate the Square with the compelling smell of pizza.

Jeff believes the Square is missing something; pizza.  Jeff has thirty years in food service, eight of those at Damon’s.  He wants to bring his own craft pizza sauce and dough to Medina.  Jeff will locally source many of the ingredients for his New York style pizza from local Farm Markets.  I anticipate Jeff will keep our local farmers busy with the 120 pizza’s he plans on serving daily by the slice or a whole pie.

The former Whitey’s Army & Navy store is being restored and renewed to make way for a mammoth pizza oven, stainless steel walls and a gigantic P660 dough mixer from Dayton.  A vintage brick wall is being unexposed and will feature black & white photos of vendors, our historic Square, and horse and buggy pictures.  Old school lockers will adorn another wall for employees to use.

Jeff wants the Pzzeria to have a ‘communal atmosphere’ and plans on giving back to the community by raising funds to help our local nonprofits.  The pizzeria will have 38 seats inside with high-tops looking out onto the Square and a few cast-iron two-tops on W. Liberty St.

Jeff’s excitement for his hometown of Medina and the Courthouse pizzeria is contagious.   His pizza recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next dating back to a small town in the Italian countryside.  The recipes have been modified adding a touch of New York but keeping the Ohio influence.  Jeff has set goals that made me weary just listening; a second Pizzeria in six months and thirty more within 10 years.  Look for the captivating aroma of pizza on the Square in late June!

Courthouse Pizzeria – 2 Public Square Medina, Ohio  44256




Everything Wonderful! 111 Bistro=Chef Scolaro

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I first met Chef Scolaro at Main Street Medina’s ‘Dine & Bring Wine’ event in May.  It wasn’t the first time though that I heard of Chef Anthony Scolaro. Chef Scolaro created a buzz last summer with his new concept of garnering local financial support in exchange for a fine dining experience. Supporters also received a brick with their name placed on the stunning entry wall.

Bisto CollageChef Scolaro features a seasonally driven menu featuring local ingredients from local suppliers. His philosophy is to support local merchants who offer quality ingredients.  Among the local merchants are Dancing Desserts, Soleil Sol Farm, MorningSide Farm, Yellow House Cheese, Camel Creek Farm, Lucky Penny, Beeler’s Pure Pork, Holiday Sausage, and Scolaro says still more to come.

The Dine & Bring Wine event is hosted by Laura Parnell owner of Cool Beans www.coolbeansmedina.com and Main Street Medina www.mainstreetmedina.com. Chef Scolaro brought new taste sensations to the second Dine & Bring Wine event featuring stewed rabbit(sourced locally) with a bright briny olive sauce with an ancient grain as the backdrop.  Not to overlook the elaborately herbed shrimp appetizer placed so generously on slices of French bread. A very sophisticated creme brulee- infused with ginger and a dollop of fig compote was the final element of an extraordinary meal.

We so enjoyed all the components of this well-honed dining  experience we made plans to have dinner at 111 Bistro with good friends  To our delight the patio awning was installed the day before, so began our summer evening at the Bistro.  I wasn’t familiar with the house white wine – Protocolo Blanco (Spain) a Pale yellow color wine with lemon zest & white floral aromatics. Our wait-staff Mackenzie offered to bring me a sample of the wine.  Although I chose another wine I was impressed that I was able to taste the wine before ordering a glass.  I need to mention the patio wine glasses; a fine lipped plastic that looks like crystal with a finger-print indentation for holding the glass.  I would love to have a set of the glasses for my own patio.

All four of us chose different entrees; scampi and clams with house made linguini, tomato confit, spinach, chili, lemon garlic buerre blanc and celery leaves.  Each item added to the complex flavors that complimented this bowl of pasta.   Summer was in full bloom with the next entrée-Quinoa stir-fry with seasonal vegetables, miso broth, curry roasted peanuts, thai ginger salt and pea tendrils.

The two remaining entrees could have been on a menu in New Orleans; smoked Jerk Chicken with the house made cavatelli, caramelized onion, peppadew, spinach complimented with a jerk cream sauce.  I chose the Saturday night special- a Soft Shell Crab po’boy dusted in a seasoned cornmeal accompanied with the 111 Rosemary Fries with thyme, parmesan and truffle oil.  Each entrée had unique flavor qualities that left me wanting for more.  I will be back!

Being a food enthusiast I enjoyed all of Chef Scolaro’s creative blend of flavor combinations.  Not to neglect the interior of the restaurant 111 Bistro has a polished concrete floor and open-design contemporary dining room that incorporates the bar and kitchen into a great room environment.

One Eleven Bistro is located at 2736 Medina Road, in the new Montville Center Plaza, in Medina. Hours are Tuesday through Thursday, from 3 p.m.-10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, from 3 p.m.-11 p.m.; and Sunday for brunch from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The phone number is 330-952-1122, and the web address is www.111Bistro.com.