Fun Facts About Autumn

The cool, crisp days of autumn have arrived. As fall foliage creates a colorful display and kids frolic in leaf piles on the lawn, you may want to pay some mind to a few lesser known facts about this beloved time of year. Autumn may call to mind Halloween and the return of school, but there are other factors that make this season unique.

  1. The first day of autumn is known as the autumnal equinox. On this day, the number of hours of daylight and darkness are equal. This is because the sun is aligned with the center of the Earth between the north and south of the planet.

  2. In Greek mythology, autumn was a time when Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, was abducted by Hades, the god-king of the underworld. During this time, Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, was distraught and the ground grew sparse and cold. When Persephone returned in the springtime, plants and life bloomed anew because of Demeter’s happiness.
  3. Those who live closest to the equator, which is the center of the planet, never experience the season of autumn. Around the equator, the temperature remains consistently warm.

  4. Yellow, orange and variations thereof always reside in the pigmentation of tree leaves, but they are just overpowered by the abundance of green from the chlorophyll in the leaves. Come autumn, however, when the sun weakens and days grow shorter, the amount of chlorophyll in leaves diminishes, allowing the other pigments in the leaves to show through.

  5. Red and purple leaves are actually caused by the presence of sugars from sap that is trapped inside of the leaves.

  6. Fall is a peak migration time for many species of birds. During autumn, birds will y to other areas as they seek more hospitable climates. The Arctic tern journeys about 11,000 miles each way for its annual migration. That is like going all the way across the United States about three and a half times.

  7. Contrary to popular belief, squirrels who have spent the entire autumn collecting acorns and other foods do not hibernate for the winter. Rather, they spend the majority of their time in nests they built to shelter them from harsh weather. When squirrels do come out in winter, they are usually tunneling under the snow to find the food they buried during the fall.

  8. Several cultures have ancient traditions that coincide with autumn. For example, the Chinese celebrate the Moon Festival to give thanks for a successful summer harvest.

  9. Halloween is a large part of autumn. The concept of wearing masks and costumes hails from ancient Celtic tradition. The Celts believed ghosts roamed on Halloween, and people wore disguises to hide from the spirits.

  10. You’re bound to see pumpkins as part of autumn decor. The pumpkin was first named by the Greeks. They called this edible orange item “pepon,” which means “large melon.”

  11. Evergreen trees will not lose their leaves like deciduous trees. Their leaves, also called needles, are covered with a thick wax. This wax protects the inner components of the needles, preventing them from freezing.

  12. Autumn also signals another colorful spectacle apart from the tree leaves. The aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, tends to be visible this time of year. This is because geomagnetic storms are about twice as likely to occur during the fall thanks to cool evening weather.


Holiday Gift Guide

Dash Through Your List Faster with Our Holiday Gift Guide.
We are a LOCAL magazine and are committed to support local small businesses. Now it’s your turn! This special guide has gift ideas for all the names on your “good list.” Frequenting local shops creates jobs and supports and invests in our communities. Explore these specialty shops & discover deals in our neighborhoods!


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Easy “Green” Thanksgiving Ideas

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 7.46.32 AMThanksgiving is a time to give thanks and share special moments with family and friends. While the original Thanksgiving might have taken place during a time when food was sparse, today it often involves excessive amounts of food, with more food ending up in the garbage than in guests’ bellies. The United States Department of Agriculture projects that Americans will throw away more than 200 million pounds of edible turkey meat this Thanksgiving holiday, which typically ushers in a period of wastefulness. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says American households produce roughly 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than during the rest of the year.

Reducing waste is a worthy goal year round, but especially during the holiday season. Use fine china and silverware when serving meals instead of disposable plates and utensils. Besides adding a touch of elegance to meals, china and silverware is less wasteful than disposable items. Cloth napkins and other table linens are also more eco-friendly than paper napkins. Decorate using natural items, which can be turned into wreaths and garlands. Vases filled with pine cones and acorns make for beautiful, inexpensive, and festive decorations. Shop locally and organically for poultry and grains whenever possible. Resist the urge to buy more than you need. Skip some of the less-popular dishes that are used only to make the table seem full. Buy a small turkey or think about only serving turkey breasts, which tend to be the most popular cuts of the bird. Use reusable shopping bags to carry items home and reduce waste even further.

Eat by candlelight to reduce energy consumption and turn off lights in other areas of the home that are not in use. Start a new tradition and invite nearby friends and family over for Thanksgiving instead of traveling long distances. According to Use Less Stuff , a resource for eco-conscious men and women, if each family reduced gasoline consumption by one gallon (about 20 miles), they could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one million tons. Send each guest home with some leftovers. Then the refrigerator isn’t left full of items that will end up uneaten. Don’t let recycling fall by the wayside. Remember to recycle all applicable items. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean recycling habits should be forgotten. Encourage guests to pitch in by clearly marking recycling bins.

Thanksgiving can be less wasteful without detracting from the enjoyment and true meaning of the holiday—being grateful!

From our Family to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving from The Women’s Journal!

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Three Keys to a Healthy Heart

When you think of February, what comes to mind? Chocolate? Roses? Love?  is February, we’re thinking about your heart. February is heart health month and a great opportunity to take stock of the health of your heart.


If you ask Americans what disease they fear most, they’ll likely say cancer. But there’s a killer even more prevalent than cancer…Heart Disease. According to the CDC, heart disease is the number one killer in America. More women die from heart disease than all forms of cancer combined! Men are 2 to 5 times more likely to have coronary heart disease than premenopausal women. But once women reach menopause, their risk is similar to a man’s. Heart disease is a greater threat than cancer. Now for the good news: heart disease is nearly 95% preventable! YES, PREVENTABLE!


There are three key components to heart health: nutrition, blood sugar level, and exercise. When these areas are monitored and kept in check, you can drastically reduce your chances of ever having heart disease.

Nutrition. What you eat (or don’t eat) directly impacts your cardiovascular health. Your blood vessels and heart have a cell lining called the endothelium. The endothelial cells play a critical role in the tone and health of your blood vessels because they produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes your blood vessels to enlarge, which increases the flow of blood through those vessels, helping blood to flow as though the walls of the vessels are slippery. The best way to keep the endothelial cells healthy is by eating plenty of leafy greens, which contain a rich supply of the amino acid L-arginine, the building block of nitric oxide.

Blood Sugar Level. Your blood sugar level measures how much glucose is circulating in your bloodstream and is directly related to the amount of simple carbohydrates that you consume. Over time, chronic high levels of blood sugar increase your risk of heart disease in different ways:
1. Damage and in ammation of the heart. The higher your average blood sugar, the thicker the walls of your heart become.
2. Hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. High blood sugar levels cause plaque to build up inside your arteries, increasing your risk of a heart attack. The plaque causes your arteries to be stiff and unable to dilate properly causing your heart to work harder to push blood through your sti and narrowed arteries—this is called high blood pressure. To keep your blood glucose levels in check, eat a diet focused on lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, some fruit, and nuts. Limit sugar, white rice and refined flours. Strength train twice a week; intense exercise helps to drive glucose out of your blood and into your muscles where it can be used for energy.

Exercise is a critical part of having a healthy heart. The benefits of a well-designed cardiovascular training routine are pretty obvious, but many don’t realize how important strength training is for heart health. It builds muscle and helps keep your weight down, and also makes your heart stronger.

Weight Control. Being overweight puts you at high risk for heart disease. When you carry around excess fat, your heart has to work harder. It enlarges as it works harder and becomes less efficient. Eventually, this reduction in e ciency culminates in heart disease. As you strength train, you increase the muscle mass in your body, which helps to burn o extra fat, easing the burden on your heart.

Strong Heart. High-Intensity Strength Training, like we do at MaxStrength Fitness, also increases your heart rate, which pushes your heart to become more efficient causing you to grow more capillaries. The result is a heart that is strong and efficient.

This February, make a decision to take care of your heart! If you need help getting your heart health optimized give us a call at 440.835.9090 or go to to request your free initial consultation and demo workout today!


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MaxStrength Fitness

New Year, New You, New Friends

Provided By Claire Broome

It always helps to share your New Year’s resolution with someone you trust. With a friend, you actually join that gym or start volunteering instead of just hoping you might. But what if this year your goal is to maintain a consistently clean house? If you want to enjoy the peace of mind and pride that come with a well-kept living space, make PetalSweet Cleaning your ally.

Most cleaning services are, at best, casual acquaintances. At PetalSweet, we form lasting relationships with our clients—we not only take the care you would in tidying, scrubbing and polishing your
home, but in getting to know your pets and family too.

And as friends do, we want to share secrets with you … whether you’re looking to get rid of grunge or just organize a bit, you’ll find tips below to help keep your fresh start going well after January first.

• GET WARM AND FUZZY. Indulge your dog or cat with a bit of extra petting and brushing each day and you may find you both feel lighter. Well-groomed animals shed less, which means less vacuuming, fewer hairballs and maybe even some lint relief for your washer and dryer.

• INVEST IN A BREATHER. Kitchens and bathrooms can collect fumes and moisture. Greasy or damp-smelling spots are already unappealing, but smoke and mold buildup can also be bad for your health. Up-to-date range hoods and vents keep things aired out, inviting and healthy.

• FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Updating or re-purposing a room (it can be something as simple as new throw pillows or as involved as creating a crafting space) can fuel enthusiasm to keep it spruced up. When you enjoy the surroundings you’ve created, it’s second-nature to make sure they continue to look nice.

• LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD. Despite advertisers’ massive shift to digital venues, chances are there’s still a ton of junk mail headed to your house. The Federal Trade Commission provides painless steps to opt out of prescreened credit and insurance offers, as well as commercial mailings from many national companies. If it can’t get to your mailbox, it can’t collect on your counter.

• NOBODY’S PERFECT. The thing about a living space is, well, people live in it! Try to keep in mind that dirt and clutter inevitably happen—if you focus on managing them rather then banishing them, chances are you (and everyone in your home) will feel less frustrated or overwhelmed, and more likely to tackle tidying tasks on a regular basis.

And of course, it’s always okay to ask for help. PetalSweet Cleaning’s owner Jesica Wilfong knows exactly how difficult it can be to manage house cleaning in addition to work, family, and whatever else life throws your way—that’s why she started this exceptional company. Call 330.635.2294 to schedule your cleaning today!

Petal Sweet Cleaning



Don’t let the holidays leave you overweight, exhausted & stressed!

Oh those days when I would fear the holidays –  the cookies, baked goods, spirits & endless parties…all revolving around food.  How would I ever survive?  Waking up with the dreaded food hangover, guilt & totally “run over” by all the sugar I had consumed from the day before.  I no longer live that way and I choose to never go back to the way I used to feel.  I love my kids & family more than anything and hope to have a long joyous healthy life with them!  My past has made me very passionate about what I do.  Therefore, I want to share my Twelve Tips of Holiday Cheer, that have gotten me where I am today!

  1. Focus on the people – Keep it a social event not a food event.  Spend time with people you haven’t seen since last years party!
  2. Be mindful – Make a plate and eat what is on it.  Don’t graze – the next thing you know you will have eaten enough for two days!
  3. Limit alcohol –  Excessive alcohol leads to irrational decisions – including food choices.  Have one drink, then switch to seltzer water.
  4. Smart food choices – Pick one ingredient foods, raw veggies, salad & meat.  Bring something to share that you know you would want to eat.
  5. Exercise – Don’t skip your workout.  Even if it is short and sweet.  It’ll boost your holiday cheer!
  6. Power Naps – take a quick snooze to recharge!  When I am tired I make bad decisions.  Set your alarm and take a quickie!
  7. Cook – Continue to make & plan healthy meals for yourself.  Being unprepared will leave you reaching for a not so healthy snack.
  8. Be organized – Keep a list and calendar of what you need to accomplish. I like to have my wrapping done by the 15th so I can enjoy the season.  Don’t find yourself frazzled under the tree on Christmas Eve!
  9. Manage Stress –  Stay calm.  Christmas is always on December 25th every year.  I am not sure why I hear about people last minute shopping like it was something new to them! Stress & cortisol impact your brain, weight, immune system, thyroid & GI tract.
  10. Remember your goals  Nothing taste as good as health feels for me.  Once again, I got tired of waking up feeling crappy!  The choice is yours.
  11. Calm mind – Five minutes of calm breathing can reset the body.  Have you ever watched people shopping?  They act like it is there last day to ever shop again.  Stay calm.  I love the holidays and have chosen to enjoy them instead of loathe them!
  12. Remember the Reason for the Season.  What we have in our homes is usually enough.  Be grateful and make it a Christmas that is merry, bright & filled with love!

No more obsessing over the dessert table, a second helping or endless drinks at the cash bar.  The meal is done – enjoy your family & friends, it is that simple. Do you want to wake up feeling energized & vibrant OR sick, gross & unhealthy?  I know what my choice is…what is yours?  It isn’t perfection – I recommend the 80/20 rule:  80% healthy 20% enjoy life.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-8-47-44-amProvided by Dawn McNeil from Integrative Whole Health, LLC
As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Dawn’s passion is to share how making healthier lifestyle changes can heal & restore our bodies.

Thanksgiving Day Quiz

TurkeypicIt is once again time to talk turkey, stuffing and all of the trimmings. Thanksgiving is celebrated in both Canada and the United States with similar parades and fanfare. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the blessings in one’s life and enjoy the company of family and friends during a special meal. Although people celebrate Thanksgiving each and every year, they may not be aware of some of its interesting history. Test your knowledge of gobblers and general trivia with this quiz.


1. Despite competing historical claims, the story most people associate with the first American Thanksgiving took place in a colony in this modern-day state?

  1. Pennsylvania  2.New Jersey  3. Massachusetts  4. Delaware

2. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on which day of the week in Canada?

a. Monday b. Tuesday c. Wednesday  d. Thursday

3. Pilgrims from Europe associated with Thanksgiving are purported to have sailed across the Atlantic to reach North American on which ship?

a. Daisy  b. Mayflower  c. Santa Maria  d. Roseflower

4. Which tribe of Native Americans taught Pilgrims how to cultivate the land, contributing to the first Thanksgiving?

a. Algonquin  b. Lenape   c. Shoshone  d. Wampanoag

5. Fossil evidence shows that turkeys roamed the Americas how long ago?

a. 10 million years ago

b. 15 million years ago

c. 20 million years ago

d. 25 million years ago

6. Three different deboned types of poultry go into this Thanksgiving meal alternative?

a. Orange duck  b. Turducken  c. Turkey chow mein  d. Chixturck

7. In what year did Congress make Thanksgiving an official national holiday in the United States?

a. 1932  b. 1939  c. 1941  d. 1946

8. Twenty precent of the overall consumption of this type of fruit is done on Thanksgiving.

a. apples  b. cranberries  c. cherries  d. grapes

9. The first Canadian Thanksgiving was a welcome-home celebration for Sir Martin Frobisher when he returned to which area of the country?

a. Albert  b. Manitoba  c. British Columbia  d. Newfoundland

10. Canadians sometimes call the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States by this name to distinguish it from their own Thanksgiving celebration.

a. Yanksgiving  b. Amerigiving  c. Turmerica  d. USthanks

Answers: 1. c 2. a 3. b 4. d 5. a 6. b 7. c 8. b 9. d 10. a

Home Checklist To Enjoy Stress Free Holidays

By Jesica Wilfong, Owner

The holidays are upon us, and that means parties, overnight guests and loads of entertaining. Is your home ready for company? Before you get too overwhelmed with your “to-do” list, concentrate on these areas that you may forget about:

Guest Bedroom. You want your guests to feel like they are in a home-away-from-home, and that starts with where they lay their head. Make sure they have fresh sheets and pillows if they are more than three years old, get new ones.

Closets. Pick one closet per weekend in November, and empty everything out of the closet onto the floor, I mean everything. Create four piles: keep, give away, throw away and store. If you can’t remember the last time you used something, get rid of it!

Kitchen. Guests tend to congregate in the kitchen, so make sure the room is de-cluttered and stocked with clean dishes, glasses and utensils. Wipe down the countertops with a lemon/water mixture, the lemon not only has disinfectant properties, but adds a fresh smell to the room.

Coffeemaker. To make sure you’re serving the freshest coffee, clean out the coffeemaker ahead of time. Run white vinegar through the coffeemaker with one brew cycle, followed by two water cycles, and your coffeemaker will be decalcified and ready to brew fresh coffee.

Refrigerator. Your refrigerator will be seeing a lot of action the next couple months. You never know who will be peering inside! Wash off the shelves, drawers and doors and take the time to dust and vacuum the condenser coil.

Your Entryway. Your front door will get a lot of attention this time of year, with people visiting. It’s the first thing they see, so pay attention to the small details. And don’t forget to hang a festive wreath on your door to welcome guests.

A little effort can go a long way toward ensuring you and your guests enjoy your holiday get togethers. Gain back valuable free time this holiday season by letting PetalSweet Cleaning do the work for you!

From hiring our staff to choosing our cleaning products, we are big believers in achieving a perfect-fi t. Our philosophy carries over to our relationships with our clients. Part of ensuring a perfect fit is for clients to understand who we are and the service we provide. Call us today to schedule a consultation to explore your cleaning needs! Call (330) 635-2294.