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My food talks to me of childhood memories, of traditions past and present, favorite comfort food, food drives, dinner with friends or lunch or breakfast, food safety, I am what I eat, cooking with my grandchildren, pot luck suppers, farm markets, cookbooks and more cookbooks, family dinners, grocery lists, life celebrations, food pantries; there is a message in all these phrases.  Food has a story to tell if we listen; it leaves a footprint.  It connects us to one another. Take the time to listen to what food is saying to you every day about your life.

I want to share my enthusiasm for food by creating a community of food enthusiasts, a place to find food resources for those in need, food trivia, recipes, restaurant reviews, farm market locations, farm to table initiatives, etc. Food, or the lack of, impacts our health, our economy, our waistlines, and our world. Kelli Cole-Wagner, editor and owner of The Women’s Journal and I are partnering to bring you a Food Blog: You can also follow us on Twitter @FoodTalks101.


Sandy Calvert is the former Program Director for the HANDS Foundation and has been instrumental in initiating many food programs to benefit the residents of Medina County. Sandy had served on the Ohio Department of Aging Advisory Council for seven years. Governor Strickland appointed Sandy to serve on the Senior Civic Engagement Council for two years. In October of 2011, Sandy became the Executive Director of Feeding Medina County and expanded the Staples for Senior’s program, now serving 400 low income seniors across the county, and increased the number of pantries using the FMC free transit service. In 2013, she was named a “Woman of the Community” by The Medina County Women’s Journal.  In 2014, Sandy received the Leatherman Lifetime Achievement Award for her work on behalf of seniors and just recently she received a Community Service Award from the Medina Cleveland Clinic Hospital. Sandy is now retired and working on her food blog.

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